Best Vegan Places in Glasgow

Our beautiful city of Glasgow has always been one of the best places in the UK to be if you’re on the hunt for some good, hearty vegan food. Whether you’ve been completely vegan your whole life, are interested in making the change soon, or are simply just a foodie that wants to explore more of your new city, you’ll really be missing out if you don’t pay a visit to some of the exquisite vegan gems that Glasgow has to offer.

Without even realising it, I have spent the past three years and multiple student loans preparing for this article, so we can promise you that every single spot included in this list has been 100% tried and tested (multiple times, if I’m honest). Here we have qmunicate’s top vegan places in the city of Glasgow!

  1. Tomillo (££)

To kick us off properly, let’s start with a real hidden gem of the city: nestled away on Speirs Wharf, we have the incomparable pop-up restaurant Tomillo. With a menu that is constantly being reinvented and a beautiful range of one-off events hosted all throughout the year, I am yet to find somewhere that tops Tomillo on both originality and quality. With a main course typically falling between £9 and £12, it’s definitely not the cheapest meal in the city but it certainly is one of the best.

  1. The Flying Duck (££)

Next up we have one of Glasgow’s classic vegan spots: The Flying Duck. This city centre bar and restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for a genuinely phenomenal burger that is completely free of meat and dairy produce (I might sound dramatic, but even my omnivore brother can’t get enough). They are also always holding a load of great events throughout the year like film screenings and gigs, so it’s definitely worth a visit even if just for a pint or a lil round of pool.

  1. Picnic (£)

Picnic is a super relaxed and entirely vegan café located in the city centre. Not only are they host to a beautiful selection of cakes and snacks, but they have a huge tasty range of sandwiches and salads to cover you anytime you’re looking for a quick lunch. I would personally recommend their baked sweet potato that comes with hummus, sundried tomatoes, pesto and rocket, because it is absolutely mind-blowing.

  1. The Kent Fish and Chip Shop, aka The Vegan Chippy (£)

Okay, this one might not technically be 100% vegan, but it’s my local chippy so it had to get a mention. Located in Finnieston (the other side of Kelvingrove Park from the uni), this fish and chip shop has recently added an entirely vegan menu to its repertoire. With options ranging from vegan meatballs to tofish and ‘cheesy’ chips, the Kent is the perfect place for all you vegans out there to get your fix at the end of a big night out.

  1. The Hug and Pint (££)

For a more local vegan spot, The Hug and Pint is an absolute must. The menu changes every single week, sometimes daily, so there’s always something new to be trying. It also happens to be one of my favourite gig venues in the city, hosting a great basement space that is taken over by a different act every single night. It’s located super near the uni on Great Western Road, so I highly recommend you pay a visit!

  1. Suissi Vegan Asian Kitchen (£)

This vegan restaurant is one of the latest additions to the West End of Glasgow and is the only Asian restaurant in the city that is entirely free of animal produce. From gyozas to tofu skewers to a huge range of curries, this Partick restaurant has so much to offer and for a great price too.

[Eren Ince – she/her]

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