Self-Care for a New Semester

As Libra season is in full swing it’s time to bring some balance and chill into the crazy university schedule. The season of self-care is upon us and I’m bringing a bit of advice on the best ways to relax and centre yourself when feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are 3 types of self-care I will be focusing on – Spiritual, Mental and Physical and getting the right mixture in these 3 areas will set you on the path to a more relaxed semester.


First of all it is key to make sure we are keeping track of our stars and alignments as horoscopes are not only for fun but can help you to keep monitoring your own emotions. Downloading a free daily horoscope app like Co-Star or The Pattern is a perfect way to check in with yourself every morning. Also, if you happen to be lucky enough to have a bath, pick up some healing crystals from a local shop – I recommend opal moon, and sit them around the bath soaking up some spiritual powers. This is a perfect way to destress after a long day of work or uni!


Looking after your mental health is one of the most difficult things and is often left until last on the long list of priorities. I personally find organisation the best way possible to ease anxiety and stress! My diary planner, purchased half price in Paperchase, is a saving grace when everything is getting too much. As my mum always says take everything one day at a time and you can’t go wrong. On the flip side don’t let schedules bog you down and remember to take some time out to just relax. Listen to calming music, download one of the many excellent meditation apps – my favourite being Headspace – or spend relaxing time with people who make you feel good. All of this can help to bring some much needed zen and clarity when things all seem too much.


Often in chaotic times we disregard our bodies and forget the important role they play in keeping us happy, healthy and able to do the things we love. Food is a key element of self-care and love and we need to strike that Libra balance of eating well and eating for pleasure. I could list the benefits of healthy eating but I believe one of the best forms of self-care is eating foods we crave, love and enjoy. Personally for me nothing beats the warmth and comfort of a cup of tea and a cake. Everything in moderation! This saying rings true when it comes to drinking as well. It may seem like drinking and partying every other night is a great idea but it often comes with consequences. My advice is do what’s right for you and don’t do it all. Everyone deserves a night off to rest up and look after yourself.

Self-care is one of the hardest things to make time for and I often don’t even take my own advice because it easily becomes last on the list of priorities. I think this season needs to push us to make time for ourselves and our wellbeing because, let’s face it, we deserve it!

[ Zara Grew – she/her – @zara_grew ]

[Photo credit: snwlprd1/]

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