Cop-a-Feel This October With the Glasgow UniBoob Team

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we decided to catch up with the Glasgow UniBoob Team, the university’s branch of the charity CoppaFeel!

So, tell us a little bit about CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! is a charity which aims to raise awareness about the realities of breast cancer. We promote that people of ALL genders (yes, those without boobs need to be breast cancer aware too) should get to know how their ‘normal’ feels: i.e. what their breast tissue area looks and feels like normally. Then, if any changes occur in a person, regardless of gender and age, they can have the confidence to visit their local GP and be checked by a professional.

As the UniBoob Team, we want to empower students and teach them of the importance of Copping-a-feel on themselves because early detection of breast cancer is important. You will find the UniBoob Team at many events (e.g. Freshers Week stalls, charity fairs, HIVE nights) promoting the charity. We also will host our own events and be a big boob presence on campus (quite literally…we have a giant blow up boob!).

[Amy Fraser – she/her]


You talk about understanding how your ‘normal’ feels, how exactly do you do it?


There is no right or wrong way to check your boobs. The most important thing is to get to know your body and check regularly so that you are aware of any changes. Check somewhere that feels comfortable for you, whether that is in front of a mirror, lying down, or in the shwer. Make sure to feel all the way up to your collar-bone and into your armpit as this is all breast tissue. When you’re having a feel, CoppaFeel! Advise to be aware of the signs and symptoms; if anything doesn’t feel right, go and see your GP to get it checked out. 

How often?

At CoppaFeel! we think it is important to check your breasts monthly, which is why when you sign up to our boob check alerts you will be texted every month with a reminder to check your boobs. By examining yourself regularly, you will get used to the way your boobs feel and therefore if anything changes from your normal, you’re more likely to notice.


The simple answer is that all people who have gone through puberty should be checking their breasts. A lot of people are not aware that people of all genders have breast tissue. Male breast cancer does exist, with 400 men per year being diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. Breast cancer affects a whopping 1 in 8 women, and is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 40.

[Melanie Sneddon – she/her]

How did you get involved in CoppaFeel!, and what’s the best part about being involved?

After being personally affected and having seen so many affected by breast cancer, I felt it was really important to get involved in a charity which provides a supportive community for patients and their loved ones. CoppaFeel! is an amazing charity, and I was really looking forward to meeting others at university who believe the same, and to breaking the taboo about talking about and checking your boobs/pecs!

[Hannah Tompkins – she/her]

I joined CoppaFeel! this year after family friends received a cancer diagnosis. Although it isn’t breast cancer specifically, I wanted to do anything I could to raise awareness for those going through cancer (whether it be the individual or their family), and I felt joining CoppaFeel! was the perfect way to do so. It’s been amazing working with a group so passionate about the cause and who are so driven to make a difference!

[Sonas Ferrier – she/her]

I got involved as I had seen a shared post about the shower sticker that CoppaFeel! send out! I thought that was absolutely fantastic and opened my eyes to the creative and accessible ways that CoppaFeel! spread their message. This made me interested in getting involved so I joined the UniBoob Team. I love being involved with the society as it’s a fantastic group of people coming up what ways to raise funds and awareness for a great cause!

[Juliette Bowman – she/her]

I knew I wanted to get involved in a charity society this year, and when it came down to choosing from all of our uni’s amazing groups I was quite stuck. I remembered seeing CoppaFeel! at freshers’ week last year and did some reading (and Insta scrolling) to get more of a feel for it, and realised UBT was the one for me! I love what it stands for and found that CoppaFeel! has this fresh and unique style in raising awareness to everyone and for everyone, which I really enjoy! The best part about being on the team is the fact that it IS a team and it’s such a nice feeling when everyone’s excited to do some good work together.

[Leen Al-Mohammad – she/her]

I got involved with CoppaFeel! this year after being inspired by their work across campus over my three years at uni. The charity really spoke to me as I have had both family and friends suffer from this disease and understand how important early intervention can be. The best part about being involved in CoppaFeel! is knowing that by promoting their message, we are playing a part in preventing cases of breast cancer going undetected and possibly saving someone’s life. This has created an amazing community not just on our campus but across the country connecting us all by spreading boob love & wearing cute charitable accessories.

[Lucy Gilhooly – she/her]


How can people get more involved in the society, and the charity as a whole?

CoppaFeel! and the Uni Boob Team are all about awareness. For us, the best way for people to get involved is not only by attending the events (although that is always appreciated) but also by wearing the stickers and putting them on your laptops and water bottles so that they are visible around campus. You can also sign up to the text reminders by texting UBT GLA to 70500. We are trying to open up the conversation about breast cancer and break down the stigma around talking openly about our bodies; all of these small actions that people take, whether it’s getting a temporary tattoo in HIVE or sharing a picture on social media, contribute to making this change. We want to encourage everyone to continue expanding this community by talking to their friends and family in the hope that we will provide as many people as possible with the information they need to take their health (and their boobs/pecs) into their own hands. But also, please do come along to the events as they’re always a lot of fun.

[Francesca Barbera – she/her]


Looking ahead, what events have you got coming up this year? 

Where to begin?! This year, we want to be YOUR Boob Team on campus. That means we want to talk boobs with YOU!!!! We have some wonderful collaborations coming up with other societies on campus (Bone Marrow, Sewing, Art & Life Drawing and GUSA to name a few!!) and we would love to add you to the list. If you’re part of a society and you’d like to meet us – get in touch! The water’s warm and we’d love to have you. We have ALL the good boob chat under our hats – and some free goodies – that we’re ready to share with you and your society, including tips on how to check yourself and some very important myth busting about your breast health! Keep an eye out for us bouncing around GU with our giant tits, spot our pink stickers everywhere you go, and maybe chuck a couple of coins in our bucket when we shake it! Any donations allow for CoppaFeel!’s free text service, where you can text UBT GLA to 70500 and the charity will send you a reminder to check your boobs and pecs every month, as per NHS advice! Ya dancer.

[Anna Glasgow – she/her]

[image: UniBoob team Glasgow]

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TEXT: UBT GLA to 70500

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