Live Review: Why? At Stereo

Why? have now entered the third era of their career with AOKOHIO and its tour, in which the whimsy of Alopecia, the maturity of Moh Lhean, and the hypnagogia of cLOUDDEADare flushed out their brain drain to be swirlied into your eardrums. That’s part of the whole ramshackle vibe of soundscapes and offkilter samples, bringing you back to your high school years (for those who adore its simplicity, and for those who abhor its complexity).


Clearing the stage of teenage tears, bangers like Apogee and The Vowels Pt.2 soak your brain, helping your tongue loosen, to sing along with glee (with me). Don’t worry, though, coercion is not Yoni’s style, he doesn’t mean to drench you with bangers. He wants your questions, your suggestions, and above all he wants your gaze on his sweaty complexion. Yoni asks if anyone else is warm, in response Josiah helpfully grifts, tagging in with “jetlag” (maybe that wasn’t a reference to his solo album, but it’s low hanging fruit).


In the background you might hear a Siren, as Gabby sings (and samples sirens). Whilst Doug and Matt take a backseat, too absorbed in the music for a meet-and-greet. No matter how often you ask, no, they will not play songs from a bygone age. I mean, Dead Dogs Two isn’t even their song, and Darla was essentially made by a different band due to the rotating lineup. Though their sound and lineup is full of old, Why? still sound, and act, fresh in the flesh.


Why? retire and the gig seems done but calls to arms bring them back. They end the set cozily without falling prey to the normal acoustic trappings, mainly due to the amount of twee they breathe right into you.


[Tim Dawson – @theblutit]

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