Are We Really Missing Out?  

If you’re not up to date on the latest slang, FOMO means Fear of Missing Out and, due to the large role social media plays in our lives, it’s only natural that it has become rather common. This feeling is usually perpetuated by seeing friends’ posts online and, no matter the reason why you’re not with them, it’s not exactly going to generate positive feelings in you.

As harsh as it may sound, there is no point wishing that you were at a night out or an event. You need to be able to find a balance and a point where you can say that enough is enough. Remember, whatever your reason for missing a night out is, you thought something else was more important and you had enough self-control to stay in. After all, you can’t go out every night, be hungover every morning, and neglect your work. There is something to be said for being sensible.

Unfortunately, there is work to be done and you will have to give up some things in order to make room for others. Sure, it can be hard seeing photos of a night out or club social that you wish you were at, but I found that the trick is to be content with whatever it is you’re doing instead. Whatever your reasons, having a break is healthy and necessary in many regards. It’s just a matter of pacing yourself and knowing when to take a step back.

There is no one way to deal with FOMO and, if anything, it may just be a case of slowly decreasing the effects social media posts have on you. The most effective method I’ve found is just to take a step back and do something different. Catch up later and make plans when it suits you better. Your friends will be there for you when you resurface.

FOMO is a two-way street, and you can never tell how great a night out really was just by photos you see. We stage everything that we put out publicly to cultivate a certain image, so you never really know when you may have dodged a night that you would rather not have had. If anything, you may be the only one not suffering from the side-effects from an insane night out, and hopefully that is enough to offset FOMO.  

[Katerina Partolina Schwartz – she/her – @katpschwartz


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