Food Review: Vegan Breakfast at the QMU

The QMU has launched a new brunch menu, which is self-described as being “West End quality without the price”. It’s essentially a build-your-own breakfast, which is handy if you hate mushrooms or black pudding; for £4, you can get five items, and for £5 you can get 8 items. So far, so good, but I still had one burning question in mind: were the vegan options up to scratch?

Initially, I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough vegan options to make up the five items, or it wouldn’t be a filling breakfast; I love mushrooms but I wasn’t looking forward to 5 portions of them. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed, as there are seven (7!) different vegan options available. There are two types of sausages available: there is a ‘meatless’ one for those who love the taste of meat but prefer not to eat it, and there is a creamier, vegetable option. You could also order potato scone, hash brown, mushrooms, confit tomato and vegan haggis. Unfortunately, the baked beans weren’t vegan, however they are currently working on sourcing a vegan version. The variety of options was surprising and welcoming, and it was delicious and good quality. 

Overall, the breakfast was decent, especially for its price. If you were to have something similar from other cafes in the West End, you would probably be charged around £8 or £9. When eaten together, the vegan options were a little dry, and I would have appreciated an extra option of juice or tea. But it is a solid foundation for the breakfast, and other options can easily be added to improve it. 

The QM are always looking to add more to the menu, from scrambled eggs and avocado, to a sweeter option. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to drop them a message on social media. Breakfast is available every Friday between 9.30am and 12pm in Bistro.

[Eleanor Fletcher – she/her – @eleanorlf_]

[Photo credit: Eleanor Fletcher]

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