Live Review – Judah and the Lion


SWG3, 29/11/19

Earlier this year we were at Lollapalooza, a festival in Paris, where we stumbled upon the alternative folk band, Judah & the Lion. We were instantly drawn in by the sheer energy of their live performance, if a little confused by their lack of shoes, and promised ourselves that we would definitely go see them again if they ever visited Glasgow.

Cut to six months later and there we were, the front row of SWG3, hoping this time they would at least wear a pair of socks. Even though the venue was small, the band instantly lit up the crowd with their upbeat alternative folk songs and their charismatic personalities. Their most popular single ‘Take It All Back’ perfectly represents the band’s unique style, including a banjo and an electric mandolin which forms the main focal point of the song. Their setlist included a variety of songs and different sounds, such as a cover of Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things”, and so there was something for everyone’s taste.  Other songs that stood out to us were “Suit and Jacket”, as well as our favourite “Don’t Mess With My Mama” which ensured a good crowd sing-along and is a fun motto to live by.

The band didn’t exclusively play their most popular hits, but made sure to include a personal ode to Glasgow by performing “Loch Lomond”, and a taste of their home-state with their cover “My Little Girl in Tennessee” which was an instant success. Even if the audience was not familiar with all the lyrics, the band’s high energy ensured we were able to sing along, especially to the song “sportz”, with memorable lyrics such as ‘Sports! Balls! Sports! Balls! We love sports!”. The indie band’s refreshing mix of folk instruments intertwined with electronic and rock elements allowed for a varied sound that encapsulates multiple genres.

The show ended with the lead singer dancing along with everyone in the crowd, once again highlighting the enthusiasm of the band members and the intimate setting of the venue.  If you’re looking to update your playlist with something a little different, then definitely check them out. Or, even better, go see them live as this is where they really shine.

[Lily de Plano – she/her – @lilideplano & Margaux Huelvan – she/her – @Margauxhuelvan]

[Photo credit: SWG3]

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