Arts Review: GUCFS In Bloom

In Bloom is this year’s annual fashion show run by the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS). Using student models, it showcases student designs in order to raise money for this year’s charity, Glasgow’s Women’s Aid. Admittedly when I arrived at this year’s show, I had quite low expectations as I had never been before and I did not want to get my hopes up. But despite myself, I was pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable the fashion show was and impressed by the diversity and creativity shown in some of the collections. Over the course of the night, 18 collections were showcased, covering a wide array of designs, concepts, and aesthetics. Here are my five of my favourite collections of the night.

Nadia Pinkey:
This collection experimented with both different fabrics and texture to create a fun, interesting series. The half sheer mesh floor length dress and the pom-pom jacket were favourites within this collection (and I know some attendees are hoping the pom-pom jacket appears in stores soon!).

Dana Nicola:
This collection used a dark colour pallet with blacks and soft greys to create a beautiful and elegant series. The details were beautiful, including corset detailing, mesh, and feathers. It was a classy, goth couture.

Kat Evans Menswear:
This collection combined pastel pink and blue colours with glamorous sequined flowers to create a fun take on a usually solemn and dignified form of menswear. This was a glimpse at a masculinity which is wholly comfortable being feminine, a version I hope becomes increasingly prevalent throughout society.

Emma Wilkinson:
This collection was a beautiful take on traditional Scottish formalwear and included kilts, sporrans, and Prince Charlie jackets. It had a tasteful colour palate of dark purples, greens, and tans, combined with beautiful detailing on the jackets out of sequins and feathers.

Jeremy Zheng:
This collection was bold both in its use of colour and the statements that it made. It combined bright reds, whites, and greys with a fashionable take on office wear. The actual statements include ‘RIP’, the Samaritans helpline number (116 123), ‘Miss, I got what I really came for’, and a cape with words ‘Son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, friend’. It seems this is possibly a statement on rape culture, perhaps specifically referencing the under acknowledgement of male victims of sexual harassment and assault.

 These collections may have been my favourites, but that is not to say that all the collections were not commendable. All of them played with trends in fashion to produce interesting and eye-catching designs.

While it is true that GUCFS has faced questions over their commitment to supporting their chosen charity and claims of being a vanity project, I cannot comment on the validity of those claims and it seems a shame to let that overshadow recognition of the hard work students have put in to produce the In Bloom fashion show.

[Juliet Smith – she/her]

[Photo credit: GUCFS]

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