Wanna Be My Lover? Gotta Get With My Friends

The 14th February is renowned for being a day spent with the one you love or a day which you criticise as an example of consumerism, yet again, going too far. However, despite all that, I’m here to write about a fun alternative to Valentine’s Day: the ever increasing in popularity Galentine’s Day.

As Cosmopolitan notes, Galentine’s Day only came into public consciousness about ten years ago but, since then, it’s been a day which you can celebrate or commiserate being single with all your closest friends.

Personally, I love the freedom of Galentine’s Day. It can be a day in which you watch Bridesmaids and eat ice-cream for hours on end or you can get dressed up to the nines and drink cocktails in a snazzy bar (a personal favourite of mine!). For me, there is nothing more fun than sitting around a table with all your most favourite people in the entire world, getting the slightest bit drunk and sharing all your funniest stories and memories with one another.

However, I don’t think there should be a set Galentine’s Day. Every moment spent with my beautiful friends and wonderful family brings me so much overwhelming happiness that simply one Galentine’s Day wouldn’t cut it! Whether we are going on holidays together, going out for drinks or lounging around, eating yet another Chinese takeaway- I know that I’ve been blessed with the most extraordinary people that I hope continue to be a part of my life, forever and ever.

I plan to celebrate my Galentine’s Day by visiting my gran, who has been such an encouraging influence throughout my life and messaging my friends to show them how much I really do love them. So whatever your Galentine’s Day brings, I hope that everyone gets the chance to quite literally spark joy with all those who matter most to them and for those celebrating the more romantic side of the 14th February: Enjoy! But stay safe!

On a final note, maybe next year, I might have my very own Valentine. However, to be perfectly honest, that can wait, despite my constant ramblings that I’m going to be forever single. I have those who matter most to me, by my side,  which is more important than anything else in the world! 

That should be the true spirit of Galentine’s Day and every other day going forward for everyone.

[Serena Black – she/her – @_serenaemily]

[Photo credit: photos.com/ThinkStock]

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