Single Review: Haim ‘I Know Alone’


The latest single from the three Haim sisters, ‘I Know Alone’, could not have come at a more poignant time. Descriptions of days which “get slow like counting cell towers on the road” as “nights turn into days, that turn to grey, keep turning over” strikes an eerily relatable cord to life in lockdown. The focus of art has turned to explore the concepts of loneliness and solitude, often in a melancholy and nostalgic way. Yet, this single reminds us all that these feelings were prevalent in many of us long before government-mandated social distancing. 

As always, Haim embraces the spirit of experimentation and growth in their music, with ‘I Know Alone’ blending hints of more dancey electronics with their trademark evocative vocals. Haim has always been known for their preppy mix of pop-rock, but all of the singles released ahead of their album, ‘Women in Music Pt. III’, show they’re not afraid to shake things up. This single is just another monument to Haim’s ability to stretch themselves into other sub-genres and develop their sound.

Perhaps the most interesting element of this single is its contradictions. Despite the sadness inherent in the subject matter of the single, Haim manages to pull the song back from nostalgia. The dance influences of the song help inject a sense of joyousness and celebration into the track, shifting the single from a lament into a celebration of loneliness, similar to the effect of the beat on ‘Summer Girl’. The clash between the gravity of the lyrics and the sheer infectiousness of the pop vibe on the track forces us to refocus on the idea of being alone. Sitting outside in the sun with ‘I Know Alone’ blasting could possibly be one of the best ways you could pass a day in lockdown, and in time, after you learn to “know alone like no one else does”, you might even be able to revel in your solitude.


[Image credits: @haimtheband ]

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