Sex in Lockdown

[Content warning: sexual references]


Lockdown and social distancing are impacting every part of our lives, including our sex lives. For many people, lockdown has provided an opportunity to slow down, take up new hobbies, and prioritise self-care.

Porn sites are reporting increased traffic in response to social distancing, and sex toy sales are up across the globe. This suggests, unsurprisingly, that a lot of people are dedicating their increased free time to self-care routines that prioritise self-love and relieve feelings of isolation and sexual frustration. Whether it’s partnered sex or solo sex, it can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety – something which is increasingly important in the face of a global pandemic.

People who live apart from their partner(s) have suddenly found themselves in situations akin to long-distance relationships. While sex could be used as an effective way to feel close to your partner(s) and connect with others before social distancing, for now, take the opportunity to get creative and explore sexual intimacy in new ways. More and more people are using technology to provide the connection that they are missing, through cam sex, phone sex, sexting, and by using sex toys designed for long-distance use.

Those who live with their partner(s) might be having a lot more sex than before. Lockdown offers the opportunity to spend more time with your partner(s) and to shake up your usual routine. Sex is great way to spend your free time, as well as a way to boost endorphins. Sexual health services are adapting to lockdown, too – people in Glasgow can now order free condoms and lube online from the Sandyford website and get them delivered to their door so that lockdown-sex can be as safe as possible.

Alternatively, a lot of people are experiencing a loss of sex drive due to the emotions and stresses of adjusting to life during a global pandemic. This is a totally normal response and reminds us that sexuality is not constant – our sex drives can be impacted by a lot of outside influences. Therefore, lockdown encourages us to focus on other ways to connect with partner(s) and with ourselves; it also offers us the rare opportunity to slow down. We all need to take things at our own pace.


[Jasmine Yancey – pronoun indifferent – @jasminesyancey]

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