recall and retrieval

she lets herself go under
the dusty veil of memory
sticking with soft spider’s glue
to fossilised,
life which looks and feels like death
but is nonetheless
real and alive
when today’s thought
lends it today’s life
—what little there is of it,
and so
the memory lives on.

idle recollection
eating away,
and away,
all of today.
from the dark quagmire
of inactive brain tissue
to enter the fronting mind
once more.
and please,

but it’s not real life, is it?
comes at her all in a blur
she can’t really look at the thing,
her distant dead star
barely there, evading the eyeball
taunting it into hungry chase
her predator blinders can’t resist.
but if she had any sense, she would know
she’s just a house cat chasing a laser pointer.
the more she chases it,
the more she doesn’t catch it
the more she doesn’t care,
and so
the memory dies.


[Raquel Fonseca – she/her – @ghibli_tears_ – find her online portfolio here]

[Photo credit: Rosie Bruce]


The rest of the pieces from the theme of Nostalgia can be found here.

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