The Descending Scale

Crafted from our societal values, there is a scale that was delicately made. Placed upon a column, upholding our views high for us all to see and not forget, billions of lives are split into two, occupy the opposite ends to maintain the equal balance. Man and Woman; intended for complementary living. This has been our custom for centuries, remaining on the scale to our assigned side since birth, encouraged to maintain the balance, far opposite each other. However, our fragile scale’s structure is suffering from the overbearing weight that occupies each end. When crafting the scale and locating upon it, humanity did not think of the best solution to keep the structure from becoming distorted.

As time has gone by, both sides grow tired and they have started to descend. Slowly, but surely, both sides are bending, creating an arch when there was once a straight path. The further we’ve descended, the higher the horizon and the trickier the connection between those on the opposite side. The route between man and woman is bending quickly. Our column stands strong, our scale is out of shape, but there are those who are fighting to fix our mistakes.

There are explorers who have stared at the horizon created, wondering what lays beyond and where they truly belong. The journey they must take to restore the balance is challenging. They must climb towards the middle, equipped without a harness, only armed with hope as they make their ascend. As they venture off from their overcrowded post, feeling for a ledge to grab and pull themselves up higher, they move closer and closer towards the arched centre. Soon they’ll meet, groups from opposite sides together in the centre, and they will gaze above the opposite ends below. They see the structure of our ways, how it was doomed from the start. Separating billions into two categories from each other, uncohesively. But there is change on the way.

Our values were too fragile to carry two categories, grouped tightly together as far away as possible from each other. The explorers have met in the middle, lightening off either side, just enough that the scale’s form has begun to move again. The pressure it once bent to on either side has been lifted slightly, allowing its form to repair what was out of shape. Now begins the great ascend.

With our weight spread evenly, our scale’s path has become more stable. If exploration was encouraged more, our balance would maintain itself significantly better. Our path would be unblocked, allowing us to see and connect with those who share our scale from the opposite side. With our re-location to wherever we feel we truly stand, we allow for a more sound structure, not forcing anyone into an overcrowded side. No more weighing us down. With a clearer path towards one another, we allow ourselves to travel, hassle-free, exploring our differences and similarities. Balancing soundly, we can begin to exist with each other in a more cohesive manner.

Restore our balance and allow us to spread out to wherever we truly must lay. We’ll understand what makes us different, but more importantly also what makes us human.

[Andrew Coulter – he/him]

[Image Credit: Anna Shvets]

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