Album Review: Little Mix – Confetti

As implied by the title, ‘Confetti’ is an album that celebrates Little Mix nearing their ten-year anniversary. Although, it also seems to be celebrating the fact that the girls have finally left their old label. It really seems like the album that they have always wanted to create by fusing the powerful messages of ‘LM5’ with the feel-good energy of ‘Glory Days’. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a killer combo to me. This can be seen by its commentary on being women in the music industry, embracing female sexuality and emphasising that self-love is the best kind of love. This is all packaged up in Little Mix’s signature sound: pop bobs with epic harmonies and cool RnB undertones. 

‘Confetti’ tells so many different stories all within thirteen tracks. As mentioned, one of the most notable is the girls’ struggle in the music industry which is told through ‘Not a Pop Song’. It is a candid take on how artists can feel as though they have no control over their own careers like ‘hamsters on a wheel’ or ‘puppets on a string’. This song reclaims power by showing that the girls have things to say beyond the typical pop song narrative and they won’t just do what “Simon says”. The album also discusses self-love and empowerment. ‘Happiness’ and ‘Confetti’ are absolute champions of this as they underline that you belong to yourself before anyone else so “let the good things in your life rain down” and ignore the stress that others give you. ‘If You Want My Love’ has Backstreet Boys vibes with a feminist message of not settling for anything less than you deserve, we love to see it. ‘Break Up Song’ is the perfect feel-good song as it signifies the moment where you realise you are good without them. Also that eighties synth would get anyone dancing.

Although, it does not shy away from reality either. Every album needs a sad song and ‘Confetti’ does not disappoint with ‘Breathe’. It is such a beautiful representation of struggling to get over someone. Definitely one to put on whilst you moodily look out a rain streaked window. ‘A Mess (Happy 4 u)’ is such a favourite because it has that chaotic energy that I feel we all experience from time to time. It switches up from awkward talky verses to an emotional falsetto pre-chorus to a sick bridge that truly depicts the range of emotions after a breakup. Also “got my peace sign, it’ll be fine” is now my life motto, just saying. We got a Little Mix ballad in ‘My Love Won’t Let You Down’ and the vocals are immaculate. It transcends romantic love as I feel it can relate to friendships and family too. It’s just about the special people in your life and that is really important especially during this time.

This album really embraces female sexuality as seen with ‘Nothing but My Feelings’ and ‘Rendezvous’. They challenge the stereotype that women should only sing about relationships and true love with “I aint tryin’ fall in love with you just trying to do a rendezvous” and “I know we will never work out but if you lookin’ for a workout”. However, ‘Holiday’ also shows that female sexuality should be centred in relationships too with “touch me like a summer night”. Finally, something I absolutely lived for in ‘Confetti’: the return of dark mix with ‘Sweet Melody’ and ‘Gloves Up’. The former portrays a powerful comeback after being mistreated and lends itself to some incredible dance breaks. The latter is like the older sister of ‘Salute’, an anthem that makes you feel strong and able to achieve anything. I will be playing it to get through writing my dissertation that’s for sure.

[Eilidh Stewart – she/her – @eilidhstewart0]

[Image: Little Mix – Confetti Album Cover]

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