Stag Presents: A Very Violent Manner

Attention, attention! Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG) are putting on a new online piece  as their second semester Mainstage production titled ‘A Very Violent Manner’ by Jonas Laursen, a student at UofG, directed by Jonas Laursen and Bailey Camack. The PT and cast have been rehearsing, recording and working so hard these past couple of months and would love for you to come and watch what they’ve been up to from the comfort of your own home! Curios about the plot? Here’s a brief summary:

“The staff of a small newspaper is on a weekend retreat at an isolated manor when one of them is murdered. While the police make the several-hours long journey to the scene of the crime, the detective on the case tries to solve the mystery over Zoom with all the suspects locked inside their rooms.”

For a sneak peak of what’s in store check out the trailer:

The play will be released on the 22nd-24th March, at 7pm, online. Tickets are £4/5, members/non-members and you can buy them here Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity for enjoying and supporting student theatre!

[Trigger warnings for the play include death/murder, mentions of sexual harassment/sexual assault and vulgar language.]

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