‘another heart’ Community Swimming Pool

Glasgow’s own Community Swimming Pool recently released the shimmery dream-pop single ‘another heart’ (aesthetically stylised in lowercase), and it’s a synth-scape paradise for lovers of early Wolf Alice, Swim School and Pale Waves (funny how three quarters of those artists have water-themed names, huh?).

Melding the audible twangs and overdrive galore of his grungy, thudding basslines with bright and mellow synth countermelodies, Pool (let’s pretend that’s his surname) creates a very nostalgic ambience that feels like the last few days of summer, or pining after the unattainable; a bittersweet melancholy that still feels beautiful.

He allows his Scottish accent to bleed into the loose and dialled-back vocals, granting the instrumentals central stage and leaving the voice to simply buoy the listener downstream into a chillaxed (and slightly teary) headspace. His lyrics may be a little predictable, but the track’s mood is easily lulled into, and would find a very comfortable home in a “sad shower songs” playlist. 

The four-on-the-floor drum machine mingles delightfully with the electronica-feel of the synth, complimenting the grinding undertones of the bass to give the song a rhythm that’s perfect for those 2am passenger seat drives beside the object of your heart’s desire. Move over Adele, ‘another heart’ will have you missing the lover that you never even had.

[Naomi Maeve – she/her]

[Image credit: Community Swimming Pool]

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