‘PIG FAT’ / ‘BACON GREASE’ The Wife Guys of Reddit

With haunting visuals, throat-tearing vocals and a title that evokes barbarism, butchers and burgers, The Wife Guys’ new post-punk/metal lovechild is overflowing with wrath and delectably spunky attitude. Balancing the trills of impossible cock-and-fire snare fills and that grinding, crunchy guitar (whose descending riff feels like tripping down the steps of Hell), alongside the chorus’ surprisingly mellifluous feminine harmonies, PIG FAT is testament to Wife Guy’s genuine musicianship, and a sweet credit to music that is both messy and melodic. The deliciously scratchy vocals and dirty guitar tones call for an extra sloppy bacon sarnie, and don’t hold back on the overdrive.

The B-side BACON GREASE provides a more civilised listening experience, with PIG FAT assuming the role of its evil twin. That being said, their snarky energy struggles to contain itself within the loose and lo-fi (almost playful) counterpart that flaunts the best of both musical worlds, spilling over into screeching climaxes of pure grit and aggression.

The visuals are a found-footage nightmare iteration of Radiohead’s Karma Police video, chasing a Halloween-masked-hog-human-hybrid down darkened streets permeated with flashes of torchlight. These panicked and palpitation-inducing scenes are concurrent with the rapid-fire drum track, reminiscent of the most visceral ballads of The Damned, The Ramones, and The Buzzcocks.

Snatch up tickets to see The Wife Guys of Reddit at Stag and Dagger ’22 whilst they’re hot! Guaranteed to be a gig of whiplashed necks and ravaged oesophagi.

[Naomi Maeve – she/her]

[Image credit: The Wife Guys of Reddit]

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