Palaye Royale @ SWG3, 7th March 2022

Before yesterday, if you had asked me who the band Charming Liars were, I would have admittedly not had a clue. Despite this, after hearing the killer performance given as they opened for Palaye Royale on Monday night, I can honestly say they have become one of my new favourites. With a set list that featured the first live performance of their newest single Left Behind, and dance moves that the King himself would have been jealous of, they showcased an immense talent and passion for their music. The group has quickly risen to the top of my ‘On Repeat’ playlist, and they have truly earned that position. I look forward to what I can only hope is their inevitable return to Glasgow as headliners in their own right.

This high energy performance continued moving into the second support act: Carl Barât of Libertines fame. The legendary frontman showed no signs of being slowed down by age as he rocked out on stage like the best of them.

Of course, the main show that night was Palaye Royale, and boy did everybody know it. The roar of the crowd as drummer Emerson Barrett walked on stage was electrifying, and it only got louder with each subsequent member’s entrance. The crowd’s unfettered enthusiasm was truly deafening by the time vocalist Remington Leith appeared. Leith displayed a truly remarkable stage presence during the entire set, even entering the crowd at one point in their set, much to everyone’s enjoyment. In terms of setlist, we received back-to-back hits, as can only be expected from a band of such high calibre, but particularly notable was the group’s cover of ‘Teenagers’, originally by My Chemical Romance, which easily rivalled, and arguably bettered the original.

Without a doubt, all three artists deserve a spotlight on them, and if you are not yet familiar with them, you truly owe it to yourself to become so. From Charming Liars, check out their new single ‘Left Behind’. From Carl Barât, check out the music of the Libertines as well as his solo project – I recommend the song ‘Glory Days’. And finally, from Palaye Royale, whilst all their songs are truly amazing, none stand out quite so much as their hits ‘Fucking With My Head’ and ‘Mr. Doctor Man’.

[Eryn Browning – she/her]

[Image credit: PALAYE ROYALE]

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