Why the Anti-Rom Com deserves more love 

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With Valentine’s day over and done with, I’m sure many of us are still left feeling blue, with feelings of loneliness at a high. There are many who outright hate the day because of how it makes them feel. This isn’t helped by the abundance of movies that centre around the idea of finding ‘the one’, because for most people that is an unachievable, unrelatable goal. That’s where the Anti-Rom-com comes in. 

Anti-Rom-coms show us the downsides of relationships, remind us that it is okay to struggle in love, and some of the very best show us that it is totally okay to be single. These movies speak to us in a way rom-coms never will, most people can’t relate to finding someone and being with them happily ever after, but almost everyone can relate to having a bad breakup, to having friends support us through them, and to realising we’re better off without that person. Many of us are going through that cycle currently, or at least reliving it in our heads. Yet despite the vast difference in relatability, rom-coms still reign over their alternative, and frankly I can’t see why. Sure, people like to dream, but people also like to feel heard, and it’s hardly as if you can’t have a happy ending without romance. So if you’re still feeling down over being single this valentine’s, consider checking out some of the best examples this genre has to offer, my personal recommendations would be: 

1) ‘How to Be Single’ 

2) ‘The Other Woman’ 

3) ‘The First Wives Club’ 

All 3 of which emphasise not only that relationships aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, but also that friends are there to support you when you need it, a message we could all do with remembering during this little phase of romance induced depression.

[Eryn Browning – she/they]

[Image credit: cottonbro]

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