Beabadoobee “See You Soon” Review

Following up on her previous single “Talk,” Beabadoobee has released “See You Soon,” the second single from her upcoming second album Beatopia. The track’s foundations are hazy and groovy, since, according to the singer, the new song was composed following a trip on mushrooms. She describes the song herself like a journey of its own: “I feel like the idea behind See You Soon is that it’s meant to make you feel like you’re tripping on shrooms. Or, I feel like the chorus especially, I want it to sound like a breath of fresh air, like, you know, like a realisation of some sort.”

Her experiences while under the influence have brought her to the conclusion that mistakes can not only be acceptable, but vital when they have helped teach you a lesson or improve yourself in any sense. The above insight seems to be a healing milestone for the vocalist. When asked about the inspiration, she delves further into detail: “I wrote it during a time where I was away a lot and making a lot of mistakes and doing a lot of things to help me figure a lot of stuff out. And I feel like I found the importance of doing that really, it was really therapeutic because it made me appreciate everything around me so
much more. Being away and being by myself with my own thoughts, it was kind of like a punch in the face. And I guess it’s just really playing along with the fact that you know, it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as it makes you a stronger person, as long as it makes everything makes sense. And it’s important to be by yourself sometimes.”

However, “See You Soon” bypasses the hallucinogenic side-effects of tripping entirely, while focusing on the purity of just the signals received from being high and integrating them into a story of its own. While she admits that she is “decaying,” the song depicts her seeming the most at ease with the horrors of the world and perhaps more empowered in recognizing and accepting them. This embellished life message in the shape of a song reels you in and excites you for whatever comes next in her discography.

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You can listen to the song here: and get your tickets for her upcoming UK tour here:

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