about us


qmunicate is the student-ran magazine based at the Queen Margaret Union at the University of Glasgow! we publish in print throughout the year, as well as regular online articles too. we always are looking for new contributors – drop into our meetings in the QMU Board Room every Wednesday at 5:30pm. we’ll post on our social media channels about meeting reminders, too – for these and other updates, you can follow us on Facebook (qmunicate magazine), Twitter (qmunicate) and Instagram (qmunicate).

so, who’s who?

amy | editor-in-chief | she/her
amy is the editor-in-chief of the magazine, meaning she is responsible for the smooth running of the committee and editorial team, and gets to use the gavel at contributors’ meetings. she is a final year modern languages student who likes a pint of dark fruits, losing an eyeliner pencil a week, and mo salah.

liam | deputy editor | he/him
as deputy editor, liam is in charge of team welfare and ensuring that all editors are able to meet their deadlines, as well as stepping in for amy should she not be available. a final year student studying english literature and french, he once received a prophecy saying that if he did not talk about his year abroad every day for the rest of his life, he would die a slow and arduous death. this affected him profoundly, much to the ire of those who have to listen to him, particularly amy.

imogen | music | she/her
imogen is the music editor for the magazine, which makes her the coolest editor (confirmed). she pitches the newest gigs and albums at the meetings as well as being responsible for longer features on music and all that surround it. she’s a third year english literature student and is predominantly found singing obnoxiously loudly, trying to make electro-harp a thing, and hanging christmas-tree-level amounts of fairy lights everywhere.

naomi | film | they/she | aries
naomi co-ordinates our film section, consisting of reviews as well as longer form essays. In their final year of film and television studies, naomi can otherwise be found having a cheeky wee greggs or an even cheekier wee cry in the library!

ellen | arts and culture | she/her
ellen is responsible for organising press for theatre and keeping an eye on what art exhibitions are coming up, as well as pitching arts themed feature articles. In her third year of central & eastern european studies, when she’s not reminding herself of just what countries are, in fact, in eastern europe, ellen also enjoys cooking, baking, and working with flour. usually having a drink and discussing Irish politics.

sarah | news and opinion | she/her | virgo

hannah | features | she/her
hannah is responsible for the features section of the magazine, features articles and longer pieces which can go in depth into a variety of important topics. hannah is a third year english literature student and when she isn’t avoiding reading her course novels she can be found enjoying cheap lidl wine or baking banana bread.

katie | lifestyle | she/her
katie is in charge of our lifestyle section where she pitches a wide range of articles on topics from fashion to travel writing. in her third year of studying politics, katie likes singing badly on karaoke and looking at dog memes.

david | science and technology | he/him
david is the science and tech editor for the magazine, focusing on lots of articles about futurology and current science. he’s a final year astrophysics student, who’s dying due to a masters project. can be found surviving via coffee and an exceptional amount of take out.

isabelle | creative writing and photo & illustration | she/her
isabelle is responsible for the design & layout of the magazine, as well as editing and compiling themed anthologies of students’ creative writing. she is going into her last year of studying art history and is happiest reading books or cooking with way too much garlic to the rocky horror picture show soundtrack.

eleanor | online editor | she/her
eleanor is partly responsible for the online content of the magazine and the social media accounts. She is a second year classics student who, when she isn’t trying to get a good story for the qmunicate instagram, can be found listening to ABBA whilst attempting to cook vegan food.

eren | online editor | she/her
eren is the other half of the online team and is responsible for both running the social media accounts and ensuring that all of qmunicate’s content is uploaded to the website. a third year english literature student, she recently got stranded in a commune in the mountains of monchique and had to hitchhike home.

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