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qmunicate is the student-ran magazine based at the Queen Margaret Union at the University of Glasgow! we publish in print throughout the year, as well as regular online articles too. we always are looking for new contributors – drop into our meetings in the QMU Board Room every Wednesday at 5:30pm. we’ll post on our social media channels about meeting reminders, too – for these and other updates, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. if you’re keen to get involved, but unsure how to get started with an article, make sure you also check out our ‘how to guide’ here. we’re a friendly bunch, so don’t hesitate to drop us a message or email us at qmunicate.magazine@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or fun stories.

so, who’s who?

eleanor | editor-in-chief | she/her | aries | @eleanorlf_

eleanor is the editor-in-chief of qmunicate and is responsible for ensuring the team runs as smoothly as possible, as well as wielding the power of the gavel in contributors’ meetings. she is a third year classics student who loves dinosaurs (especially those on tour), harry styles, and her chilly’s bottle.

eren | deputy editor |she/her | taurus 

eren is the deputy editor-in-chief which basically means she is eleanor’s assistant. she is a final year english literature student so you can find her on street corners questioning who really wrote Shakespeare. spoiler alert: it was her. 

katie | news & opinion | she/her | libra |@_k8iv_

katie is the news & opinion editor who keeps up with all the latest in the world and tries to ask the questions the bigger news sources are missing out. As a third year english literature student, katie can be found writing yet another essay about fabulous female writers in the library, watching yet another film about powerful women in the cinema, or having a boogey with her friends at the buff club. also, if you have a dog she will gladly walk it for you at any moment in time (she says please x).

megan | features | she/her | scorpio

megan is co-features editor and is responsible for pitching topical, interesting and informative articles that fall under the umbrella of features. she is a fourth year english literature student with an interest in feminist and dystopian texts. she is a dog person, an avid charity shopper, and a devoted member of the angela carter fan club.

ema | features | she/her | scorpio

along with megan, ema is one of qmunicate’s features editors, pitching on all sorts of topics holding the potential to inspire insightful discussion. a third year english literature and philosophy student with a shameless passion for soluble cappuccinos, she is most likely to be found haunting the french and italian sections at the level 9 annexe, trying to fit some Sartre into yet another essay. 

rebecca | lifestyle | she/her | scorpio | @rebeccagault7

rebecca is the lifestyle editor and is responsible for pitching for a wide range of subjects such as fashion, food, general opinions and everything in between. she is a third year english literature student with a vested interest in steadfastly avoiding doing any readings for her degree and talking consistently about astrology. can almost always be found in cineworld or in vodka wodka.

grace | music | she/her | capricorn | @headcarz

grace is the music editor and pitches all sorts from cheeky wee gig opportunities, upcoming albums or music related features. she is a third year english lit & history student who struggles to finish course books, but will read call me by your name four times in a row. she never misses a moment to bombard you with chat about her doggo, something political (scottish independence mainly) or harry styles. you will either find her enjoying a boogie, belting her heart out at a gig or devouring some good veggie food.

amelie | film | she/her | scorpio | @amelieleav

amelie is the film editor for qmunicate and pitches film reviews and features. she is a third year psychology M.A. student from germany, but still isn’t sure whether that makes her a STEM or an art student. when not telling people to watch todd haynes’ films, amelie is a fan of speculative literature, cats, excessive tweeting and (unfortunately) video games.   

gabriel | arts & culture | he/him | aries | @gaberuth_

gabriel is the arts & culture editor and pitches on opera, theatre, art and ballet among various other cultural pursuits. he is a third year english literature and philosophy student who enjoys the work of jean-jacques rousseau because he is a massive philosophy nerd.  do not ask him to buy you snacks because he will pick something weird. find him in the QMU or the gym, flexing both metaphorically and literally.

carrie | science & technology | she/her | sagittarius | @carriemac97

carrie is qmunicate’s science & technology editor, responsible for keeping you up to date with everything from space travel to the latest iphones. she is a third year english literature student who loves to travel (she went to eleven different schools) and bake. she’s always looking for new taste-testers for her vegan recipes.

nina | photo & illustration | she/her | gemini

nina is the photo and illustration editor for qmunicate. she creates the magazine, deciding which images to put in and designing everything from its first page to the last. she is a third year english literature and philosophy student who enjoys overthinking about everything, either with friends or alone with a cup of tea in the comfort of her own home. she either walks around all day or never leaves the house, there is no in between.

viola| online editor | she/her| virgo| @violarago

viola is online editor together with susanna, which means that she uploads articles to our website and runs our social media accounts. she is a third year philosophy student with a strong passion for languages, art, and excessively glittery makeup. You will most likely find her wandering around campus in her quirky pattern tights while questioning the meaning of human existence.

susanna | online editor | she/her | gemini | @ofarmsandaman

susanna is online editor alongside with chris, and takes care of publishing articles and posting content on social media with him. she is a third year latin and greek student from italy, which pretty much sums up her enormous passion for languages (especially dead ones) and all things ancient. you will most likely find her trying out new baking recipes, ranting on twitter, obsessing over period dramas or petting random cats she crosses in the street.

zara | advertising & fundraising | she/her | virgo| @zara_grew

zara is in charge of advertising & fundraising, which means she gets to pester businesses to buy ads in the magazine and organise funky fundraising events. she is a third year english and comparative literature student with a big love of all things theatre/ looking to the stars or her tarot deck for life advice is a constant obsession for her. you’ll most likely find her dancing to disco bobs at buff club or crying at bridget jones for the hundredth time with a big glass of wine.

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