Andrew Lawrence Net Worth 2024

Title: Andrew Lawrence Net Worth 2024: A Rising Star’s Journey to Success


Andrew Lawrence, a talented actor and comedian, has managed to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. With his exceptional skills, Lawrence has gained widespread recognition and built a sizable fortune. In this article, we will explore Andrew Lawrence’s net worth as of 2024, along with interesting facts about his career, personal life, and more. Additionally, we will address common questions related to his age, height, weight, spouse, and other relevant information.

Net Worth Analysis:

As of 2024, Andrew Lawrence’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $4 million. He has amassed this impressive fortune through his successful acting career and ventures in comedy. Lawrence’s versatility as an artist has allowed him to secure various lucrative roles, contributing significantly to his growing wealth.

Seven Interesting Facts about Andrew Lawrence:

1. Early Start in Showbiz: Born on January 12, 1988, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lawrence began his acting career at a young age. He made his debut appearance in the television series “Blossom” at just six years old.

2. Family Ties: Andrew Lawrence is part of a talented family, with his brothers Joey Lawrence and Matthew Lawrence also pursuing successful careers in the entertainment industry. Together, they have showcased their acting prowess in numerous films and TV shows.

3. Disney Channel Fame: Lawrence gained considerable recognition for his role as Andy Roman in the hit Disney Channel series “Brotherly Love” (1995-1997). This show served as a launchpad for his career, helping him gain popularity among young audiences.

4. Stand-Up Comedian: Apart from his acting pursuits, Andrew Lawrence is also an accomplished stand-up comedian. His comedic talent has been showcased in various live performances and comedy specials, further expanding his fan base.

5. Filmography Highlights: Lawrence’s filmography includes notable roles in movies such as “Bean” (1997), “Jack Frost” (1998), and “The United States of Leland” (2003). These performances have not only added to his acting repertoire but have also contributed to his overall net worth.

6. Television Success: Over the years, Lawrence has made appearances in several television series, including “Oliver Beene” (2003-2004), “Hawaii Five-0” (2011-2017), and “Criminal Minds” (2019). His TV endeavors have further solidified his position as a versatile actor.

7. Voice Acting: Andrew Lawrence has also lent his voice to various animated characters. Notably, he voiced the character of T.J. Detweiler in the animated series “Recess” (1997-2001), which became a fan favorite and garnered critical acclaim.

Frequently Asked Questions about Andrew Lawrence:

1. How old is Andrew Lawrence?
Andrew Lawrence was born on January 12, 1988. As of 2024, he will be 36 years old.

2. What is Andrew Lawrence’s height and weight?
Andrew Lawrence stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), and his weight is around 154 pounds (70 kg).

3. Is Andrew Lawrence married?
As of 2024, Andrew Lawrence’s marital status is not publicly known.

4. How did Andrew Lawrence start his acting career?
Lawrence began his acting career at the age of six with his debut appearance in the television series “Blossom.”

5. What is Andrew Lawrence’s most famous role?
Andrew Lawrence gained significant fame for his role as Andy Roman in the Disney Channel series “Brotherly Love.”

6. Apart from acting, what other talents does Andrew Lawrence possess?
In addition to acting, Andrew Lawrence is an accomplished stand-up comedian with live performances and comedy specials to his credit.

7. Which movies has Andrew Lawrence appeared in?
Some of Andrew Lawrence’s notable film appearances include “Bean,” “Jack Frost,” and “The United States of Leland.”

8. Has Andrew Lawrence worked on any television series apart from “Brotherly Love”?
Yes, Andrew Lawrence has appeared in various TV series, including “Oliver Beene,” “Hawaii Five-0,” and “Criminal Minds.”

9. Has Andrew Lawrence done any voice acting?
Yes, Andrew Lawrence has voiced the character T.J. Detweiler in the animated series “Recess.”

10. What is Andrew Lawrence’s estimated net worth as of 2024?
Andrew Lawrence’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $4 million as of 2024.

11. What are Andrew Lawrence’s upcoming projects?
Information regarding Andrew Lawrence’s upcoming projects is not currently available.

12. Does Andrew Lawrence have any siblings in the entertainment industry?
Yes, Andrew Lawrence has two brothers, Joey Lawrence and Matthew Lawrence, both of whom are also actors.

13. Is Andrew Lawrence active on social media?
As of 2024, Andrew Lawrence’s presence on social media platforms is limited.

14. What are Andrew Lawrence’s future aspirations in the entertainment industry?
While specific details are unknown, Andrew Lawrence continues to explore diverse acting opportunities and aims to further establish himself as a versatile artist.


Andrew Lawrence’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by remarkable success and a growing net worth. From his early beginnings as a child actor to his foray into stand-up comedy and voice acting, Lawrence has proven his versatility. With a net worth of approximately $4 million in 2024, Andrew Lawrence continues to captivate audiences with his talent and remains a promising figure in the world of entertainment.

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