qmunicreate #05: Silver Linings

An anthology of creative writing from students at the University of Glasgow, in 5 parts under the theme of Silver Linings:

Paper Hands, a short story by Leah Jones

Sparks Fly, a short story by Fiona Dorchester

Danger Here, a poem by Angie Spoto

Short Hair Don’t Care, a short story by Louise Wylie

Leaves, a poem by Rachel Brough

Short Hair Don’t Care

The jittering in Beth’s hands had returned. It was worse in the left than in the right: some quirk of evolution no doubt. The left half of her body was always more emotional than the right. But it was uncomfortably moist in the room; dampness covered the seat on which she was tensely perching.

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Paper Hands

This crumbling nakedness within the opaque lake, a hand reaches and washes away the aches. I smile and she receives it with her own (a little sadder than mine, perhaps a little more wise). She struggles to adjust herself around the petulant convexity of her stomach. She asks: “How are you feeling?” My heart, I have learned, is something that will always ache. I tell her I am feeling so much better. She helps me to stand and wraps me up. I thank her for her kindness.

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qmunicreate #04: Past and Present

An anthology of creative writing from students at the University of Glasgow, in 7 parts under the theme of Past and Present:

Nostalgia Makes Us Silver, a poem by Maria Sledmere

Blink, a poem by Kirsty Campbell

Dear Brother, a short story by Swara Shukla

Bowie, Berlin, a poem by Clare Patterson

Silhouette Portrait Miniature c1790, a poem by Sarah Spence

Many Families, One Team, a short story by Riana Hull

At First, a poem by Millie Earle-Wright