qmunicreate #04: Past and Present

An anthology of creative writing from students at the University of Glasgow, in 7 parts under the theme of Past and Present:

Nostalgia Makes Us Silver, a poem by Maria Sledmere

Blink, a poem by Kirsty Campbell

Dear Brother, a short story by Swara Shukla

Bowie, Berlin, a poem by Clare Patterson

Silhouette Portrait Miniature c1790, a poem by Sarah Spence

Many Families, One Team, a short story by Riana Hull

At First, a poem by Millie Earle-Wright

Many Families, One Team

When I look at my eldest daughter, my second wife stares back at me. I see it now in my daughter’s dark, almond-shaped eyes and the way her nose pulls down slightly when she smiles. I see it now in that look she gets when I begin to speak. Like she’s typing all the words out in her head, so that she can go back over the conversation later to read between the lines.

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Silhouette Portrait Miniature c1790

Cheeks pink from skipping, a girl, teeth

missing, grins at her name. She swings

her legs, asks the candle, will it tickle?

She stifles a giggle as her aunt’s nimble

quill catches the shadow of her likeness,

doll’s leg in loose fingers.

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“It’s just…” Rishabh turns another page of the book he is pretending to read, “I don’t like the way he looks at me.”

I try to be indignant. I should be able to defend you better, brother. It hurts that I can’t stand up to my own son, when you were always ready to fight the world for me.

“Don’t talk about your uncle like that.” A feeble attempt.

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