Trailblazing Team: Ross County show homophobia the red card

Ross County football club, of the Scottish Premier League, have made a significant gesture contributing to a growing movement that is helping to propel sport into the 21st century. The club invited a group from Inverness called Pillar, run by LGBT Youth Scotland, to a match against Partick Thistle. This gesture is being seen as an attempt to banish homophobia from Victoria Park, their home stadium, and effectively from the game.

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Female players at Wimbledon face coverage disparity, says Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki, the world number five, has highlighted the disparity in coverage of women’s tennis on the Wimbledon show courts. In the first week of this year’s tournament, Centre Court and Court One featured either two or three women’s singles matches between them, while there were at least four men’s matches a day on the same courts.

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The P Word

Heather Watson, Britain’s No1 female tennis player, was unfortunately defeated in the first round of the Australian Open in January, losing 4-6, 0-6. However, in doing so, she managed to break one of the greatest taboos in the sports – opening up about how her period affected her performance, when she mentioned “girl things” in a post-match interview.

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Everything you wanted to know about the Six Nations but were too scared to ask

So, what is the Six Nations?

It’s an international rugby tournament where Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy play off against one another. Think of it like a mini world cup where Europe just forgot to invite anyone from the southern hemisphere, probably because they’d just beat us all mercilessly. It’s especially interesting this time around because the Rugby World Cup is later this year and coaches will be using the Six Nations to try out new line-ups – mostly by sending younger players to get pulverised.

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Robert Huth highlights the problem with transphobia on social media

The Stoke City footballer Robert Huth has been charged with misconduct for sending tweets to the Twitter account @CockOrNoCock. The account provides its followers with cropped pictures of exposed women, asking them to determine whether these females had penises or not (as you probably can tell by the witty name of the account). Huth joined in on the intimidating pastime on by tweeting answers on 12 separate occasions on 1 January.

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Everything you need to know about Super Bowl XLIX: American Football Explained by an American

qmunicate’s resident American is here to explain everything you need to know about football before Super Bowl XLIX

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What Makes A Mascot?

2016 is shaping up to be another great summer for sports. The Olympic and Paralympic Games are landing in Rio de Janeiro, the first time the Games will have been held in South America. Meanwhile, the Uefa European Championship is visiting France, with matches in cities from Lille to Lyon, Saint Denis to Saint Etienne. With the countdowns well underway, November saw the unveiling of the events’ mascots. Unfortunately, and it really does break my heart to say this, they’re just a bit shit.

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