Top 5… Artists We Want to Tour in 2037

Dig out your low rise jeans, don the spangliest crop top you can get your hands on and pretend Paris Hilton is still being photographed answering calls on a diamante flip phone… Steps and The Vengaboys are touring this year, giving us grounds to temporarily re-inhabit the glory years of the late 90s/early 2000s. Steps celebrate their twentieth birthday in May and, in honour of their 2017 tour, we started thinking about which artists from recent times (active or inactive) we want to see tour again two decades from now.

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Album Review: Pixx – The Age of Anxiety

qmunistars- 3

The opening track of Pixx’s debut album begins with 21-year old Hannah Rodger telling us that “To put a name on it / Would be to nail the age of anxiety.” An over-produced song, with harsh, repetitive vocals and a hard-to-follow collusion of authentic delivery and electronic, muzzled sound. Not the most attractive introduction to an album, but fortunately after two songs this puzzling attitude disappears and Rodger’s beautiful and peculiar voice comes to the forefront – strong and emotive, shifting easily between lower ranges and high notes.

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Music Review: The Thurston Moore Group

Saint Luke’s, 12/06

In a 1995 interview about the Sonic Youth album Washing Machine, Thurston Moore stated: “We all have different aesthetics as to how songs should work. I generally push for a lot of abandon while some people in the group are more interested in truncating things. If I was the leader as much as people say I am, every song would be 20 minutes long.”

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Interview: Dez Fafara

It’s easy to forget sometimes that successful musicians are human beings – with all the press and pomp that surrounds them, it can be hard to see through the veneer of the marketing machine. While talking to Dez, however, I found myself on the phone speaking to the same down to earth and genuine man I had met almost a decade before; an honest and self-assured person who has seen his fair share of life’s troubles. What followed was not just the usual press junket affair but a frank conversation with someone who has come to terms with and conquered his place in the world, and who chooses to convey a message of positivity and growth through metal which is no less commendable than his real world views on music, faith and respect for his fans.

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