Live Review – Bear’s Den

O2 Academy – 29/03/17

There’s something about Glasgow’s O2 Academy that can make watching the right band feel like a quasi-religious experience. The ornamented ceiling and walls, filled with fans congregating and singing in unison, all in praise of the band they’ve made pilgrimage to see that night. Indeed, Bear’s Den are one of those bands.

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Live Review – Carpenter Brut

St. Luke’s – 20/01

 The gathering of hipsters and metalheads in a church building to indulge in retrofuturism sounds like something out of this world, but then that’s what Carpenter Brut’s music itself is like – he’s one of the most compelling electronic/synthwave musicians to emerge in a while, and not least because he draws influence from horror.

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Live Review – Trentemoller

SWG3 – 25.01.16

There was no better venue for this gig. Not in Glasgow, not anywhere else I can imagine. The intimate-warehouse setting of SWG3 complements Trentemoller’s unique collage of electronic ambient, post-rock and dance music so perfectly you’d be forgiven for thinking you hadn’t just walked into a meticulously directed gig scene for a film.

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Live Review – Crying

STEREO – 21/1/2017

A good thing about small but wide and open venues like Stereo on Renfield Lane is that they’re the anti-festival – three bands on the bill and more or less three different crowds, at least at the front. Not having to cram your way to the front and sit through the band before your favourite (with an inevitably clenched bladder) creates a relaxed atmosphere, freeing up more space to purely enjoy the music.

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Live Review – Thula Borah

13th Note, 04/11

Few genres are as spell-binding as post-rock, and Mogwai aren’t the only Weegies on the scene -Thula Borah are a four-piece band that has been around since 2009, and what makes their sound interesting is that it draws influence from slowcore as well as from 90s bands like Nirvana. Their new EP Near Life Experience is set to be released later this year, so in the spirit of supporting a local act I decided to see them live for a second time.

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Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan (with support Ho99o9)

Qudos, QMU, 19th January

Ho99o9 (Horror) consists of an energetic New Jersey rap group – lead by the vocal duo Eaddy and theOGM – whose harsh, often anti-political rap lyrics combine well together as they take turns to try and get the crowd angry on top of its blasting drum beats which despite its hardcore punk style ventures daringly close to thrash.  

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Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club

Barrowlands Ballroom, 3 February 2017

Starting the gig off, we have Anteros, a fun female fronted band who have the crowd moving amazingly well for the first band on and are clearly well received, and have extremely catchy songs that are easy to clap along to whether you’ve ever heard of them before or not.  Following them, we have the up and coming band Sundara Karma who clearly have a fair amount of fans already in the crowd and were well anticipated, and so easily keep the crowd moving and raise it to a new level after Anteros.

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