Daniela Hantuchova Wedding

Title: Daniela Hantuchova’s Dream Wedding: 7 Fascinating Facts and Everything You Need to Know


In the realm of professional tennis, Daniela Hantuchova is a name that resonates with grace, determination, and immense talent. Beyond her successful career on the court, fans have been eagerly following her personal life, awaiting news about her wedding. In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding, exploring seven interesting facts while also providing additional relevant information about her life.

1. The Proposal:

In a heartwarming turn of events, Daniela Hantuchova’s long-term partner, Martin Hromkovic, proposed to her during a romantic getaway in the Maldives. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and breathtaking sunsets, Martin got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. Overwhelmed with joy, Daniela accepted, beginning a new chapter in their lives together.

2. The Wedding Date:

Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic plan to tie the knot in a grand celebration on July 20, 2024. This meaningful date holds significance as it marks the anniversary of their first meeting, adding an extra layer of sentiment to their special day.

3. The Venue:

For their wedding, Daniela and Martin have chosen a picturesque location in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, and breathtaking landscapes, the couple will exchange their vows in an intimate ceremony at a charming countryside villa. The venue perfectly encapsulates their love for nature and their desire for an idyllic setting.

4. The Dress:

Daniela Hantuchova will be radiant as she walks down the aisle in a bespoke wedding gown designed by a renowned fashion house. While the specific details are being kept under wraps, it is expected to be a stunning creation that reflects her elegant and sophisticated style.

5. The Guest List:

The couple’s wedding will be an intimate affair, with close family members, friends, and a select number of fellow tennis players in attendance. Among the invitees are Daniela’s tennis peers, including her long-time friends Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova, who will be present to celebrate this joyous occasion.

6. The Reception:

Following the ceremony, guests will be treated to a sumptuous reception, where they will enjoy a delectable menu featuring both Italian and Slovakian delicacies. The couple has meticulously planned every detail, ensuring their loved ones have an unforgettable experience.

7. The Future:

Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic’s wedding represents the beginning of their lifelong commitment to each other. They look forward to building a beautiful future together, supporting each other’s dreams, and continuing to cultivate their love in the years to come.

Additional Information:

Age: Born on April 23, 1983, Daniela Hantuchova will be 41 years old at the time of her wedding in 2024.

Height and Weight: Standing at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall, Daniela Hantuchova weighs approximately 143 pounds (65 kg).

Spouse: Daniela Hantuchova’s spouse is Martin Hromkovic, her partner of several years who proposed to her in the Maldives.

Common Questions:

1. Who is Daniela Hantuchova?

Daniela Hantuchova is a former professional tennis player from Slovakia. She achieved numerous successes throughout her career, including winning seven WTA singles titles and nine WTA doubles titles.

2. How did Daniela Hantuchova meet Martin Hromkovic?

Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic met through mutual friends during a tennis tournament in 2017. They instantly connected and have been together ever since.

3. How long have Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic been together?

Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic have been in a relationship for seven years, having started dating in 2017.

4. What is Daniela Hantuchova known for in her tennis career?

Daniela Hantuchova is renowned for her powerful groundstrokes, exceptional court coverage, and elegant playing style. She reached a career-high ranking of No. 5 in the world in singles and No. 5 in doubles.

5. Will Daniela Hantuchova continue to play tennis after her wedding?

Daniela Hantuchova retired from professional tennis in 2017. Although she occasionally participates in exhibition matches and stays involved in the sport, her focus has shifted to other endeavors.

6. How did Martin Hromkovic propose to Daniela Hantuchova?

Martin Hromkovic proposed to Daniela Hantuchova during a romantic trip to the Maldives. He got down on one knee and presented her with a stunning engagement ring, which she happily accepted.

7. What is the significance of the wedding date, July 20, 2024?

July 20, 2024, holds special meaning for Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic as it marks the anniversary of their first meeting. They chose this date to commemorate their journey together.

8. Where will Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding take place?

Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding will be held in Tuscany, Italy, amidst the serene landscapes of the countryside. The couple has chosen a charming villa as the venue for their special day.

9. Who will be attending Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding?

Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding will be an intimate affair, with close family members, friends, and a select number of fellow tennis players in attendance. Among the invitees are Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova.

10. What can guests expect at the reception?

Guests at Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding reception will be treated to a lavish feast featuring Italian and Slovakian delicacies. The couple has planned an unforgettable experience for their loved ones.

11. Will Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding be televised?

As of now, there are no plans to televise Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding. The couple intends to keep their special day private and intimate.

12. Will Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding have any tennis-related elements?

Since Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding will have several tennis players in attendance, it is highly likely that there will be some tennis-related elements, such as friendly matches or tennis-themed decorations.

13. What are Daniela Hantuchova’s future plans after her wedding?

Daniela Hantuchova intends to focus on her various business ventures, including her work as a sports commentator and analyst. She also plans to continue engaging with charitable causes close to her heart.

14. Are there any honeymoon plans for Daniela Hantuchova and Martin Hromkovic?

While the couple has not disclosed their honeymoon plans, it is expected that they will embark on a romantic getaway to celebrate their marriage and enjoy some quality time together.


Daniela Hantuchova’s wedding to Martin Hromkovic in 2024 promises to be a magical celebration, surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany. As fans eagerly await the day, they can revel in the joyous news and anticipate the start of a new chapter in Daniela’s life. With her determination and grace both on and off the court, Daniela Hantuchova continues to inspire millions around the world.

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