Did Marvin Sapp Remarry

Title: Did Marvin Sapp Remarry? Unveiling 7 Interesting Facts About the Gospel Legend


Marvin Sapp, a renowned gospel artist and preacher, has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide with his soulful music and inspiring messages. Known for his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Sapp has consistently been a source of spiritual upliftment for his listeners. However, in recent years, questions have arisen about his marital status. Has Marvin Sapp remarried? In this article, we delve into this topic and provide seven interesting facts about the gospel legend.

1. The Loss of a Beloved Wife:

Marvin Sapp’s journey as a widower began in 2010 when his wife, MaLinda Sapp, passed away after a fierce battle with colon cancer. The loss of his wife was undoubtedly a profound personal tragedy, leaving a lasting impact on Sapp’s life and music.

2. A Time of Healing:

Following the passing of his wife, Marvin Sapp took time to heal and focus on his children. The grieving process was an important period for the artist, allowing him to reflect, grow, and find solace in his faith.

3. A Heart Open to Love:

In 2014, four years after his wife’s passing, Marvin Sapp revealed that he was open to the possibility of finding love again. He expressed his desire to share his life with a companion who could understand his journey and offer support.

4. Finding Love Again:

Fast forward to the year 2024, and Marvin Sapp has indeed found love again. He remarried, embracing the opportunity for a new chapter in his life. His spouse, whose identity remains private, has been a source of love, companionship, and encouragement for the gospel legend.

5. Balancing Music and Family Life:

Marvin Sapp’s remarriage has allowed him to strike a balance between his music career and family life. He continues to inspire through his music while enjoying the blessings of a loving relationship.

6. Age, Height, and Weight:

As of 2024, Marvin Sapp is XX years old, standing at a height of X feet X inches and weighing approximately XXX pounds. While these are specific details that may change over time, they give a snapshot of his physical attributes during this period.

7. The Power of Faith:

Throughout his journey, Marvin Sapp’s faith has remained a guiding force. He often speaks about the importance of leaning on God during life’s trials, finding strength, and remaining hopeful in the face of adversity.

Common Questions:

1. Is Marvin Sapp still single?

No, Marvin Sapp remarried in 2024, embracing the opportunity for a new chapter in his life.

2. Who is Marvin Sapp’s new spouse?

The identity of Marvin Sapp’s new spouse remains private, honoring their desire for a more private life.

3. How many children does Marvin Sapp have?

Marvin Sapp is a proud father to three children, Marvin II, Mikaila, and Madisson.

4. Did Marvin Sapp take a break from music after his wife’s passing?

Marvin Sapp did take a break from music to focus on healing and being there for his children. However, he eventually returned to his passion and continues to bless the world with his music.

5. How has Marvin Sapp’s music evolved over the years?

Marvin Sapp’s music has evolved, reflecting his personal growth and experiences. While his core message of faith remains constant, his sound has incorporated elements of contemporary gospel and R&B, appealing to a wide audience.

6. What are some of Marvin Sapp’s most popular songs?

Marvin Sapp has produced numerous hits throughout his career, including “Never Would Have Made It,” “Best in Me,” “My Testimony,” and “You Shall Live.”

7. Does Marvin Sapp continue to tour and perform live?

Yes, Marvin Sapp continues to tour and perform live, sharing his powerful music and message with audiences around the world.

8. How does Marvin Sapp balance his music career and family life?

Marvin Sapp’s remarriage has allowed him to strike a balance between his music career and family life. He prioritizes quality time with his children and spouse while pursuing his passion for music.

9. Is Marvin Sapp involved in any charitable work?

Yes, Marvin Sapp is actively involved in charitable work, particularly in supporting cancer research and raising awareness about the disease that claimed his late wife’s life.

10. Has Marvin Sapp won any awards for his music?

Marvin Sapp has received numerous awards for his contributions to gospel music, including multiple Stellar Awards, Dove Awards, and a Soul Train Music Award.

11. Does Marvin Sapp have any upcoming projects or albums?

While specific details of Marvin Sapp’s future projects may vary, he continues to create new music and inspire his fans. Keep an eye out for updates on his latest releases.

12. How does Marvin Sapp stay connected with his fans?

Marvin Sapp stays connected with his fans through social media platforms, where he shares updates, inspirational messages, and engages in meaningful conversations.

13. Has Marvin Sapp written any books?

Yes, Marvin Sapp has authored several books, including “Diary of a Psalmist” and “Revealing the True Spirit of Worship.”

14. What is Marvin Sapp’s message to his fans?

Marvin Sapp’s message to his fans is one of hope, faith, and perseverance. He encourages his listeners to trust in God, embrace their journey, and seek the power of love in all aspects of life.


Marvin Sapp’s remarriage in 2024 marks a new chapter in his life, filled with love, companionship, and continued musical success. As he continues to inspire through his music, Sapp’s personal journey serves as a testament to the power of faith, healing, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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