How Tall Is Rhett And Link

Title: How Tall Is Rhett and Link: Unveiling the Heights of the Dynamic Duo


Rhett McLaughlin and Charles “Link” Neal, popularly known as Rhett and Link, have taken the internet by storm with their hilarious and imaginative content. As hosts of the YouTube series “Good Mythical Morning” and creators of countless viral videos, this comedic duo has amassed a massive following. While fans are well-acquainted with their humor and creativity, many are curious about their physical attributes, especially their height. Join us as we delve into the heights of Rhett and Link and explore some interesting facts about them.

1. Rhett McLaughlin’s Height:

Rhett McLaughlin stands tall at an impressive 6 feet 7 inches (200 cm). This makes him notably taller than the average height for men, which is around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). Rhett’s towering stature adds to his distinctive presence, making him hard to miss.

2. Charles “Link” Neal’s Height:

Complementing Rhett’s height is Link, who stands at a respectable 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm). Although slightly shorter than his partner, Link’s height still places him well above the average male height, allowing the duo to create a visually engaging dynamic on screen.

3. Rhett and Link’s Height Difference:

With a height difference of 7 inches, Rhett and Link present a visually striking contrast. This height discrepancy often plays a humorous role in their content, providing comedic fodder for their sketches and challenges.

4. Rhett and Link’s Age:

As of 2024, Rhett McLaughlin was born on October 11, 1977, making him 47 years old. Charles “Link” Neal, on the other hand, celebrates his birthday on June 1, 1978, and is also 47 years old.

5. Rhett and Link’s Weight:

While the exact weight of Rhett and Link is not publicly known, it is worth noting that both individuals maintain a healthy and fit appearance. Their commitment to a balanced lifestyle, including regular exercise and a well-rounded diet, contributes to their overall well-being.

6. Rhett and Link’s Spouses:

Rhett McLaughlin is married to Jessie Lane McLaughlin, with whom he shares two children. Jessie is an artist and has collaborated with Rhett on various projects. Charles “Link” Neal is married to Christy Neal, and they have three children together. Both Rhett and Link often involve their families in their content, showcasing their strong bond both on and off-screen.

7. Interesting Facts about Rhett and Link:

a) Childhood Friends: Rhett and Link have known each other since their first-grade class in Buies Creek, North Carolina. This lifelong friendship forms the foundation of their incredible on-screen chemistry.

b) Mythical Beast Community: The duo’s fanbase, affectionately known as the “Mythical Beasts,” is a dedicated and passionate community that supports and engages with their content. Rhett and Link often interact with their fans, fostering a strong connection.

c) Musical Talents: Aside from their comedic prowess, Rhett and Link are accomplished musicians. They have released several albums, including “Up to This Point” and “Songs for Kids.”

d) Award-Winning Creators: Rhett and Link’s creative work has earned them numerous accolades, including multiple Streamy Awards and a Webby Award.

e) Expanding Media Empire: Beyond their YouTube fame, Rhett and Link have ventured into podcasting, television, and writing. Their podcast, “Ear Biscuits,” offers a more intimate glimpse into their lives and experiences.

f) Philanthropic Efforts: Rhett and Link are actively involved in charitable causes. They have supported organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

g) Business Ventures: The duo has also established a successful business, Mythical Entertainment, which serves as a platform for their various creative endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How tall is Rhett McLaughlin?

Rhett is 6 feet 7 inches (200 cm) tall.

2. How tall is Link Neal?

Link stands at 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) tall.

3. What is Rhett’s age?

As of 2024, Rhett is 47 years old.

4. What is Link’s age?

In 2024, Link is also 47 years old.

5. Are Rhett and Link related?

No, Rhett and Link are not related by blood. They are childhood friends.

6. What are the names of Rhett’s children?

Rhett and his wife, Jessie, have two children, whose names are not publicly disclosed.

7. How many children does Link have?

Link and his wife, Christy, have three children, whose names remain private.

8. What is the average male height?

On average, men are around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.

9. What is Rhett and Link’s weight?

The exact weight of Rhett and Link is not publicly known.

10. What is Rhett and Link’s most popular YouTube series?

Their most popular YouTube series is “Good Mythical Morning.”

11. Have Rhett and Link won any awards?

Yes, they have won several awards, including Streamy and Webby Awards.

12. What is Rhett and Link’s podcast called?

Their podcast is called “Ear Biscuits.”

13. What is the name of Rhett’s wife?

Rhett is married to Jessie Lane McLaughlin.

14. What is the name of Link’s wife?

Link is married to Christy Neal.


Rhett McLaughlin and Charles “Link” Neal, the creative minds behind Rhett and Link, have captivated audiences worldwide with their unique brand of humor. With Rhett towering at 6 feet 7 inches and Link standing at 6 feet tall, their physical presence adds another dimension to their comedic chemistry. As they continue to entertain and inspire, Rhett and Link’s heights serve as a testament to their larger-than-life personalities.

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