How To Spoiler Images On Discord Mobile – Iphone

Title: How to Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile – iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide


Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms for gamers and communities alike. With its mobile app, users can easily stay connected on the go. One handy feature of Discord is the ability to spoiler images, which allows users to hide potentially sensitive or explicit content. In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to spoiler images on Discord Mobile – iPhone, and provide you with seven interesting facts about this feature.

1. Why Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile – iPhone?

Spoiler images are a useful tool when it comes to sharing potentially sensitive content. By hiding an image behind a spoiler tag, you ensure that viewers have the choice to view the image or not. This feature is crucial for preserving the surprise element in discussions or for sharing content that may be triggering or inappropriate for some users.

2. How to Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile – iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Discord app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Navigate to the channel or direct message where you want to share the image.

Step 3: Tap on the “+” icon located at the left side of the text input box.

Step 4: Choose the “Upload a File” option.

Step 5: Select the image you wish to spoiler from your camera roll or files.

Step 6: Before sending the image, long-press on it.

Step 7: A menu will appear with various options; select “Spoiler” to add the spoiler tag.

Step 8: Finally, tap on the send button to share the image with the spoiler tag.

3. Interesting Facts about Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile – iPhone:

Fact 1: Spoiler images were first introduced on Discord in 2024, revolutionizing the way users share and consume content.

Fact 2: Spoiler images can be used not only for images but also for videos and GIFs.

Fact 3: Spoilered images are blurred and require users to manually tap on them to reveal the content.

Fact 4: Spoiler tags can be added to multiple images within a single message.

Fact 5: Spoilered images can be viewed on all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices.

Fact 6: Spoiler images ensure that users can participate in discussions without being exposed to unwanted content.

Fact 7: Spoilered images can be unspoilered by tapping on the image and selecting “Unspoiler” from the menu.

Common Questions about Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile – iPhone:

Q1: Can I spoiler images that are already uploaded to Discord?

A1: No, you can only add a spoiler tag before sending the image.

Q2: Can I spoiler multiple images in one message?

A2: Yes, you can add spoiler tags to multiple images within a single message.

Q3: Can I view spoilered images on other platforms, like desktop?

A3: Yes, spoilered images can be viewed on all platforms.

Q4: Can I unspoiler an image once it has been sent?

A4: Yes, simply tap on the image and select “Unspoiler” from the menu.

Q5: Can I add a spoiler tag to a video or GIF?

A5: Yes, spoiler tags can be added to videos and GIFs as well.

Q6: Will spoilered images still show a preview thumbnail?

A6: No, spoilered images will only show a blurred preview thumbnail.

Q7: Can I customize the appearance of a spoilered image?

A7: No, the appearance of spoilered images is standardized to a blurred overlay.

Q8: Can I search for spoilered images using Discord’s search function?

A8: No, spoilered images are not searchable within Discord.

Q9: Can I control who can see spoilered images in a server?

A9: No, spoilered images can be viewed by anyone with access to the channel or direct message.

Q10: How can I report inappropriate spoilered images?

A10: You can report inappropriate images by contacting the server’s moderators or Discord support.

Q11: Can I use spoiler tags in direct messages?

A11: Yes, spoiler tags can be used in both channels and direct messages.

Q12: Can I add a spoiler tag to an image while editing a message?

A12: Yes, you can add a spoiler tag by long-pressing on the image while editing a message.

Q13: Can I customize the text displayed on a spoilered image?

A13: No, the text “spoiler” will be displayed on the image by default.

Q14: Can I remove a spoiler tag from an image after it has been sent?

A14: No, once a spoiler tag is added, it cannot be removed or modified.


Spoiler images on Discord Mobile – iPhone provide a convenient way to share sensitive or explicit content while giving users the choice to view it or not. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily add spoiler tags to your images and ensure a respectful and inclusive conversation within your Discord channels. Stay connected, share responsibly, and enjoy the benefits of spoiler images on Discord Mobile – iPhone in 2024!

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