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Title: Kendra Oyesanya: Married with 7 Interesting Facts


Kendra Oyesanya is an accomplished individual who has garnered significant attention in various fields. With an array of accomplishments under her belt, Kendra is admired for her talents and her ability to balance her personal and professional life. In this article, we will delve into seven interesting facts about Kendra Oyesanya, shedding light on her career, personal life, and achievements.

1. A Multifaceted Career:

Kendra Oyesanya is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. She has built a reputation for herself as a dynamic and influential figure across multiple industries. Her diverse career has given her a unique perspective and a wealth of experience.

2. Author and Motivational Speaker:

Kendra’s passion for inspiring others has led her to become a renowned author and motivational speaker. Through her books and speeches, she empowers individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. Her ability to connect with her audience through her words has earned her widespread acclaim.

3. Philanthropic Work:

Kendra Oyesanya is a strong advocate for social change and giving back to the community. She actively participates in various philanthropic ventures, focusing on education, women empowerment, and healthcare initiatives. Her dedication to making a positive impact on society is commendable.

4. Entrepreneurial Success:

As an entrepreneur, Kendra has founded and successfully scaled several businesses. Her entrepreneurial ventures have showcased her ability to identify market gaps and create innovative solutions. Kendra’s business acumen has led to both financial success and recognition within the industry.

5. Family Life:

Kendra Oyesanya is happily married to her loving spouse, John Oyesanya. They have been together for over a decade and their relationship continues to flourish. The couple has built a strong foundation based on mutual respect, support, and shared goals.

6. Seven Beautiful Children:

Kendra and John Oyesanya are proud parents to seven wonderful children. Their family life is filled with love, laughter, and a shared sense of purpose. Kendra’s ability to balance her personal and professional life is a testament to her dedication and exceptional time management skills.

7. Striving for Personal Growth:

Kendra believes in the importance of self-improvement and constantly strives for personal growth. She is known for her relentless pursuit of knowledge and the continuous development of her skills. Kendra’s commitment to self-improvement has been instrumental in her success.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. How old is Kendra Oyesanya in 2024?

In 2024, Kendra Oyesanya will be 38 years old.

2. What is Kendra Oyesanya’s height and weight?

Kendra Oyesanya stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 143 pounds.

3. How did Kendra Oyesanya meet her spouse, John?

Kendra and John Oyesanya met during their college years through mutual friends. They instantly connected and have been together ever since.

4. What are Kendra Oyesanya’s most notable achievements as an author?

Kendra Oyesanya’s most notable achievements as an author include writing best-selling books that have inspired and motivated thousands of readers worldwide.

5. What inspired Kendra Oyesanya to become a motivational speaker?

Kendra’s own journey of overcoming challenges and achieving success inspired her to share her experiences and motivate others to pursue their dreams.

6. How does Kendra Oyesanya balance her personal and professional life?

Kendra believes in effective time management and prioritizing her commitments. She ensures quality time with her family while efficiently managing her professional responsibilities.

7. What philanthropic causes does Kendra Oyesanya support?

Kendra actively supports causes related to education, women empowerment, and healthcare. She believes in giving back and making a positive impact on society.

8. How does Kendra Oyesanya stay motivated in her entrepreneurial pursuits?

Kendra maintains her motivation by setting clear goals, surrounding herself with like-minded individuals, and constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities.

9. What are some of Kendra Oyesanya’s successful entrepreneurial ventures?

Kendra has successfully founded and scaled multiple businesses in various industries, including technology, e-commerce, and consulting.

10. How does Kendra Oyesanya inspire others through her motivational speeches?

Kendra’s speeches are characterized by her authenticity, relatability, and practical tips for success. She shares personal anecdotes and provides actionable advice to empower her audience.

11. What are Kendra Oyesanya’s future plans and aspirations?

Kendra aims to expand her philanthropic efforts, publish more books, and continue her entrepreneurial ventures. She aspires to inspire and empower individuals on a global scale.

12. How does Kendra Oyesanya incorporate personal growth into her life?

Kendra believes in lifelong learning and continuously seeks opportunities for personal growth. She invests time in reading, attending workshops, and connecting with mentors.

13. How does Kendra Oyesanya manage to stay grounded despite her success?

Kendra attributes her grounded nature to the support of her loved ones, regular self-reflection, and staying true to her values.

14. What advice does Kendra Oyesanya have for aspiring entrepreneurs and authors?

Kendra advises aspiring entrepreneurs and authors to persist in the face of challenges, believe in themselves, and surround themselves with a supportive network. She stresses the importance of taking calculated risks and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success.


Kendra Oyesanya’s journey is one of inspiration, resilience, and achievement. As a successful entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, wife, and mother of seven, Kendra has proven that with determination and hard work, one can accomplish remarkable things. Her commitment to personal growth, philanthropy, and balancing her various roles makes her a role model for individuals aspiring to reach their full potential.

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