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Title: Kevin Nanney: The Age-Defying Champion and His Journey to Success


Kevin Nanney, widely known by his gaming alias “PPMD,” has become a household name in the competitive gaming community. He is a professional Super Smash Bros. player who has managed to captivate audiences with his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay. Despite the ever-evolving nature of esports, Kevin Nanney has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, constantly defying expectations. In this article, we delve into the life of Kevin Nanney, highlighting his age, achievements, and other intriguing facts.

Age and Background:

Kevin Nanney was born on November 25, 1990, in the United States. As of the year 2024, he will be 34 years old, showcasing how his passion for gaming has endured over the years. His love for video games began at a young age, and his dedication to the craft has propelled him to the top echelons of the competitive gaming scene.

Height and Weight:

While specific information about Kevin Nanney’s height and weight is not readily available, it is worth noting that physical attributes are not the sole determining factors of success in esports. The focus in this realm lies primarily on mental acuity, reaction speed, and strategic thinking.


As of 2024, Kevin Nanney’s marital status remains unknown. He has kept his personal life relatively private, choosing to focus on his career and pursue his passion for competitive gaming.

7 Interesting Facts about Kevin Nanney (PPMD):

1. Return to Glory: Kevin Nanney made a triumphant comeback to the competitive scene in 2024 after a long hiatus due to health issues. His return was met with overwhelming support from fans and competitors alike.

2. The “Marth” Master: Kevin Nanney is renowned for his exceptional skills with the character “Marth” in Super Smash Bros. Melee. His precise and calculated playstyle has earned him the title of one of the best Marth players in the game’s history.

3. EVO Champion: In 2015, Kevin Nanney emerged victorious at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) for Super Smash Bros. Melee. His dominant performance solidified his position as a top-tier player and garnered him widespread recognition.

4. Mental Health Advocate: Throughout his career, Kevin Nanney has been open about his struggles with mental health, specifically depression. His willingness to discuss these challenges has helped raise awareness within the gaming community and encouraged others to seek support.

5. Community Engagement: Kevin Nanney actively engages with his fans and the gaming community through social media platforms, sharing insights, strategies, and updates on his journey. His interactions foster a sense of connection and camaraderie among his followers.

6. Commentary and Analysis: Apart from his exceptional gameplay, Kevin Nanney is also recognized for his insightful commentary and analysis of Super Smash Bros. matches. His expertise and articulate explanations make him a sought-after commentator for major tournaments.

7. Philanthropic Efforts: Kevin Nanney has shown a commitment to giving back to the community, raising funds for various charitable causes through streaming events and tournaments. His altruistic endeavors have endeared him to both players and fans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How did Kevin Nanney get into competitive gaming?

Kevin Nanney’s passion for gaming started at a young age, and his competitive spirit led him into the world of esports. He began attending local tournaments and honing his skills, eventually making a name for himself as one of the best players in the Super Smash Bros. community.

2. What led to Kevin Nanney’s hiatus from competitive gaming?

Health issues, including hand and joint problems, forced Kevin Nanney to take a break from the competitive scene. During this time, he focused on recovery and exploring ways to manage his health concerns effectively.

3. How did Kevin Nanney’s return impact the esports community?

Kevin Nanney’s return to competitive gaming after a hiatus was met with tremendous excitement and support. His comeback served as an inspiration to fellow players, highlighting the importance of perseverance and dedication in pursuing their dreams.

4. What challenges did Kevin Nanney face upon his return?

Upon his return, Kevin Nanney faced the challenge of regaining his competitive form and adjusting to the evolving meta of Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, his unwavering determination and hard work helped him overcome these obstacles.

5. What strategies and playstyles make Kevin Nanney stand out?

Kevin Nanney’s meticulous approach to gameplay, combined with his exceptional spacing and precise execution, sets him apart from other players. His ability to adapt and read opponents’ movements allows him to make calculated decisions in high-pressure situations.

6. How does Kevin Nanney balance his personal life and gaming career?

Kevin Nanney has emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While he devotes a significant amount of time to his gaming career, he also ensures he takes breaks, spends time with loved ones, and engages in activities outside of gaming.

7. What impact has Kevin Nanney had on the esports community?

Kevin Nanney’s contributions to the esports community extend beyond his exceptional gameplay. His transparency regarding mental health challenges, philanthropic efforts, and dedication to engaging with fans have made him an influential figure within the community.

8. How has Kevin Nanney’s depression affected his gaming career?

Kevin Nanney has openly discussed his battle with depression and how it has impacted his career. During periods of struggle, his performance and motivation were affected, leading to extended breaks from competitive gaming.

9. What advice does Kevin Nanney offer to aspiring gamers?

Kevin Nanney encourages aspiring gamers to focus on their personal growth, embrace challenges, and seek support from the community. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance, resilience, and maintaining a positive mindset.

10. How does Kevin Nanney prepare for tournaments?

Kevin Nanney prepares for tournaments by practicing extensively, analyzing opponents’ gameplay, and refining his strategies. He also emphasizes the significance of physical and mental well-being, ensuring he is in optimal condition to compete.

11. What impact has Kevin Nanney made as a commentator?

As a commentator, Kevin Nanney brings his in-depth knowledge and experience to provide insightful analysis during Super Smash Bros. tournaments. His commentary has enriched the viewing experience for fans and players alike.

12. How does Kevin Nanney give back to the community?

Kevin Nanney actively engages in philanthropic efforts, raising funds for charitable causes through streaming events and tournaments. His generosity demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the gaming sphere.

13. What are Kevin Nanney’s future aspirations in esports?

Kevin Nanney’s future aspirations include continued success in competitive gaming, contributing to the growth and development of the esports community, and inspiring the next generation of gamers through his journey.

14. Where can fans follow Kevin Nanney’s gaming career?

Fans can follow Kevin Nanney’s gaming career on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. These channels provide updates on his tournaments, streams, and community interactions.


Kevin Nanney’s journey as a professional Super Smash Bros. player has been marked by his exceptional skills, perseverance, and dedication to his craft. By shattering expectations and overcoming personal challenges, he has solidified his place in the esports community. As he continues to thrive in his gaming career, Kevin Nanney’s impact on the industry and his dedication to raising awareness about mental health serve as an inspiration to aspiring gamers worldwide.

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