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Title: Libby Riddles: A Trailblazer in Life and Love


In the world of dog sled racing, one name stands out as a true champion: Libby Riddles. Renowned for becoming the first woman to win the grueling Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in 1985, Libby’s determination and love for adventure have made her an inspiration to many. Beyond her remarkable achievements on the trail, Libby Riddles also leads a fulfilling personal life. This article explores the fascinating journey of Libby Riddles, shedding light on her marriage and presenting seven interesting facts about this extraordinary woman.

1. The Early Years:

Born on April 1, 1956, in Madison, Wisconsin, Libby Riddles developed a passion for dogs and outdoor adventures from a young age. Her affinity for nature drew her to the world of sled dog racing, where she would eventually make history.

2. Iditarod Victory:

In 1985, at the age of 28, Libby Riddles made history by becoming the first woman to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. In this grueling race covering over 1,100 miles from Anchorage to Nome, Libby defied all odds and emerged as the victor, solidifying her place in the annals of dog sledding.

3. Love and Marriage:

Libby Riddles has been married to her loving and supportive husband, Jack Niggemeyer, since 1991. Jack is an accomplished musher himself, and together, they have shared their passion for sled dog racing, creating a bond that has strengthened them both personally and professionally.

4. A Shared Dream:

One of the most remarkable aspects of Libby and Jack’s marriage is their shared dream of running a successful sled dog racing kennel. Together, they have established their kennel, called “Riddles N’ Niggemeyer Kennel,” where they train and care for their incredible canine athletes.

5. Family and Children:

Libby Riddles and Jack Niggemeyer are proud parents to four children, who have all grown up surrounded by the awe-inspiring world of sled dog racing. Their family’s deep-rooted love for the sport has created a strong bond among them, with their children often participating in races alongside their parents.

6. Life Beyond Racing:

While Libby Riddles has made her mark in the dog sledding world, she is also deeply committed to animal welfare and conservation efforts. Her dedication to the well-being of sled dogs and promoting responsible dog breeding has earned her immense respect within the community.

7. Inspiring the Next Generation:

Libby Riddles continues to inspire young women and men to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Her passion, resilience, and trailblazing spirit have left an indelible mark on the world of dog sledding, making her an unrivaled role model for aspiring athletes and adventurers alike.

Common Questions about Libby Riddles:

1. How old is Libby Riddles in 2024?

As of 2024, Libby Riddles would be 68 years old.

2. How tall is Libby Riddles?

Unfortunately, there is no available information on Libby Riddles’ height.

3. What does Libby Riddles weigh?

There is no specific information about Libby Riddles’ weight.

4. Who is Libby Riddles’ spouse?

Libby Riddles is married to Jack Niggemeyer, an accomplished musher and her partner in sled dog racing.

5. How many children does Libby Riddles have?

Libby Riddles and Jack Niggemeyer have four children.

6. When did Libby Riddles win the Iditarod?

Libby Riddles made history by winning the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in 1985.

7. What is the name of Libby Riddles’ kennel?

Libby and Jack run the “Riddles N’ Niggemeyer Kennel.”

8. Does Libby Riddles participate in any animal welfare initiatives?

Yes, Libby Riddles is deeply committed to animal welfare and conservation efforts, particularly in the sled dog community.

9. How has Libby Riddles inspired others?

Libby Riddles’ achievements and trailblazing spirit have inspired countless individuals to fearlessly pursue their dreams, especially in the world of dog sledding and adventure sports.

10. What impact has Libby Riddles had on women in sports?

Libby Riddles’ historic win in the Iditarod inspired and paved the way for many women to participate and excel in traditionally male-dominated sports.

11. Has Libby Riddles written any books about her experiences?

Yes, Libby Riddles has authored a memoir titled “Race Across Alaska: First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story.”

12. Does Libby Riddles still actively race in the Iditarod?

As of 2024, it is unknown if Libby Riddles actively participates in the Iditarod or other sled dog races.

13. What advice does Libby Riddles offer to aspiring athletes?

Libby Riddles encourages aspiring athletes to believe in themselves, work hard, and never let obstacles deter them from pursuing their dreams.

14. How can one get involved in sled dog racing?

To get involved in sled dog racing, individuals can reach out to local clubs, attend races as spectators, or volunteer with established mushers to gain hands-on experience and knowledge.


Libby Riddles’ contributions to the sport of dog sledding and her personal achievements have left an indelible mark on history. From her groundbreaking Iditarod victory to her dedication to animal welfare, Libby Riddles has proven herself to be an extraordinary individual. Through her marriage, family, and tireless pursuit of adventure, she continues to inspire generations of athletes and adventurers around the world.

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