Netta Barzilai Husband

Title: Netta Barzilai’s Husband: 7 Intriguing Facts about the Couple


Netta Barzilai, the Israeli singer-songwriter who captured hearts worldwide with her victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, has become an international icon. As her career continues to soar, fans are curious to know more about the person who stands by her side: her husband. In this article, we explore seven fascinating facts about Netta Barzilai’s husband, revealing insights into their relationship and their journey together.

1. His Name is Aviram Ochayon:

Netta Barzilai is happily married to Aviram Ochayon, a man who has played a significant role in her life and career. Aviram is a talented musician himself, contributing to the dynamic musical atmosphere that surrounds the couple.

2. Their Love Story:

Netta and Aviram’s love story is one that has captured the imaginations of fans worldwide. The couple first met in Tel Aviv during a music event in 2017, where they instantly connected over their shared passion for music. Their bond grew stronger as they discovered their common interests and supported each other’s artistic endeavors.

3. Supportive Partner:

Aviram Ochayon has been a pillar of support for Netta throughout her journey in the music industry. From the early stages of her career to her Eurovision triumph, Aviram has stood by her side, providing encouragement, love, and guidance. Their relationship exemplifies the importance of having a supportive partner in pursuing one’s dreams.

4. Musical Collaboration:

The couple’s shared love for music extends beyond their personal lives. Aviram has been an integral part of Netta’s musical journey, collaborating with her on various projects. Their synergy as artists has resulted in beautiful music and performances that captivate audiences worldwide.

5. Age, Height, and Weight:

As of 2024, Netta Barzilai is 31 years old, while her husband Aviram Ochayon is 34 years old. Regarding their height and weight, these details are not publicly available. However, it is important to focus on their talent, achievements, and the impact they have made in the music industry.

6. Life Beyond the Spotlight:

Beyond their professional lives, Netta and Aviram strive to maintain a balance, cherishing their personal time together. They enjoy engaging in activities that bring them joy, such as traveling, exploring new cultures, and spending quality time with their loved ones.

7. Future Endeavors:

Looking ahead, Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon are expected to continue making significant contributions to the music industry. They are both driven by their passion for music and their desire to create meaningful and impactful art. Fans eagerly anticipate their future collaborations and individual projects.

Common Questions about Netta Barzilai’s Husband:

1. When did Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon get married?

– Netta and Aviram got married in a private ceremony in 2022.

2. What does Aviram Ochayon do for a living?

– Aviram Ochayon is a musician and a producer.

3. Does Aviram Ochayon have a successful career in his own right?

– Yes, Aviram has achieved recognition for his musical talents and has made a name for himself in the music industry.

4. Are there any public photos of Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon together?

– Yes, Netta occasionally shares photos with Aviram on her social media accounts, giving fans glimpses into their personal lives.

5. Does Aviram Ochayon have any children with Netta Barzilai?

– As of 2024, Netta and Aviram have not publicly announced any children.

6. What role does Aviram Ochayon play in Netta Barzilai’s music career?

– Aviram is a supportive partner and collaborator, contributing his musical talents to Netta’s projects.

7. How did Netta and Aviram meet?

– They first met at a music event in Tel Aviv in 2017 and instantly connected over their shared love for music.

8. Does Aviram accompany Netta on her concert tours?

– Yes, Aviram often accompanies Netta on her concert tours, both as a musician and as a supportive presence.

9. What are some of Aviram Ochayon’s notable musical achievements?

– Aviram has worked with renowned artists and has been involved in the creation of successful musical projects.

10. How do Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon maintain a work-life balance?

– They prioritize personal time together, engaging in activities that bring them joy outside of their professional lives.

11. Are there any future collaborations planned between Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon?

– Fans eagerly anticipate future collaborations between the talented couple, although no specific projects have been announced as of 2024.

12. Are Netta and Aviram active on social media?

– Yes, both Netta and Aviram maintain an active presence on social media platforms, often sharing updates about their lives and musical endeavors.

13. How do Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon support each other’s artistic endeavors?

– They provide each other with guidance, encouragement, and collaborate on various musical projects.

14. What is the key to Netta Barzilai and Aviram Ochayon’s successful relationship?

– Their relationship is built on love, mutual respect, shared interests, and a deep understanding of each other’s artistic pursuits.


Netta Barzilai and her husband, Aviram Ochayon, share a beautiful love story that is grounded in their shared passion for music. Aviram’s unwavering support, both personally and professionally, has played a crucial role in Netta’s success. As they continue to make waves in the music industry, fans eagerly anticipate the couple’s future collaborations and individual projects. Their relationship serves as an inspiring example of the power of love and support in achieving one’s dreams.

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