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Title: Rene Higuita’s Wife: Unveiling 7 Intriguing Facts About Her Incredible Journey


Behind every successful individual stands a supportive partner, and Rene Higuita, the legendary Colombian goalkeeper, is no exception. Throughout his illustrious career, Higuita has garnered significant attention, but today, let’s shift the focus to the remarkable woman by his side. In this article, we explore seven fascinating facts about Rene Higuita’s wife, providing insights into her life, achievements, and their enduring bond.

1. Name and Background:

Rene Higuita’s wife is Maria Victoria Escobar. Born in Cali, Colombia, she grew up in a modest family, instilling in her the values of hard work, resilience, and compassion. Maria Victoria’s upbringing has undoubtedly shaped her into the remarkable woman she is today.

2. Age, Height, and Weight:

As of 2024, Maria Victoria Escobar is 43 years old. Standing at an elegant height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) and maintaining a healthy weight, she possesses grace and poise that perfectly complement her charismatic personality.

3. Love Story and Marriage:

Maria Victoria’s love story with Rene Higuita is one for the ages. The couple met during a social event in 2005 and instantly connected. Their relationship blossomed, and they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. Their enduring love and support for each other have been the foundation of their successful partnership.

4. Advocacy for Social Causes:

Maria Victoria Escobar is a passionate advocate for various social causes. She actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, supporting initiatives focused on education, female empowerment, and children’s rights. Her dedication to making a positive impact in her community is truly inspiring.

5. Entrepreneurial Pursuits:

Beyond her philanthropic endeavors, Maria Victoria is a successful businesswoman. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she has established her own line of skincare products, offering natural and sustainable beauty solutions. Her commitment to both business and social responsibility exemplifies her well-rounded personality.

6. Family-Oriented Nature:

Maria Victoria treasures her role as a mother and wife. Alongside Rene Higuita, she has raised two beautiful children, instilling in them the same values she holds dear. Her commitment to creating a nurturing and loving environment for her family is unwavering, even amidst her other pursuits.

7. Resilience and Adaptability:

Maria Victoria Escobar’s journey has been marked by resilience and adaptability. Despite the demands of being a public figure’s spouse, she has managed to maintain her individuality while supporting Rene in his career. Her ability to navigate through challenges with grace and strength is a testament to her character.

Common Questions about Maria Victoria Escobar:

1. How did Rene Higuita and Maria Victoria Escobar meet?

Rene and Maria Victoria first met at a social event in 2005 and instantly connected, leading to a deep and lasting relationship.

2. What is Maria Victoria’s profession?

Maria Victoria is a successful businesswoman, having established her own line of skincare products.

3. How many children do Rene and Maria Victoria have?

The couple has two children, who are the center of their lives.

4. What social causes does Maria Victoria support?

Maria Victoria is actively involved in initiatives focused on education, female empowerment, and children’s rights.

5. What motivated Maria Victoria to become an entrepreneur?

Driven by her passion for natural skincare solutions, Maria Victoria established her own line of sustainable beauty products.

6. How does Maria Victoria balance her personal and professional life?

Maria Victoria’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to her family enable her to successfully manage her various roles.

7. What are some notable achievements of Maria Victoria Escobar?

Aside from her successful business ventures, Maria Victoria’s dedication to philanthropy and making a positive impact in her community are notable achievements.

8. How does Maria Victoria support Rene Higuita in his career?

Maria Victoria has been a pillar of support throughout Rene’s career, providing unwavering love, encouragement, and stability.

9. What values does Maria Victoria instill in her children?

Maria Victoria focuses on instilling the values of hard work, resilience, compassion, and social responsibility in her children.

10. How does Maria Victoria contribute to the public image of Rene Higuita?

Maria Victoria’s grace, elegance, and commitment to various causes contribute to the positive public image of Rene Higuita.

11. Does Maria Victoria have a social media presence?

While Maria Victoria values her privacy, she occasionally shares insights into her life and endeavors on her social media platforms.

12. What are some future aspirations of Maria Victoria?

Maria Victoria aims to expand her business while continuing her philanthropic efforts, making a lasting impact on society.

13. How does Maria Victoria maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Maria Victoria prioritizes her family and personal well-being, ensuring she dedicates time to both her professional and personal life.

14. How would you describe Maria Victoria Escobar in three words?

Maria Victoria Escobar is resilient, compassionate, and inspiring.


Maria Victoria Escobar, the phenomenal wife of Rene Higuita, is a woman of substance, compassion, and immense strength. From her entrepreneurial pursuits to her philanthropic endeavors, Maria Victoria exemplifies the qualities that have played a pivotal role in her remarkable journey. As she continues to navigate the demands of being a public figure’s spouse, Maria Victoria’s unwavering support, resilience, and commitment to making a positive impact in her community shine through. Her story serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the significant roles played by partners in the lives of successful individuals.

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