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Title: Ricky Rubio’s Girlfriend: Unveiling 7 Interesting Facts about Their Relationship


Ricky Rubio, the talented Spanish professional basketball player, has not only made waves on the court but also captured the attention of fans worldwide with his personal life. In this article, we delve into the intriguing details of Ricky Rubio’s relationship status, shedding light on his girlfriend and presenting seven interesting facts that will pique your curiosity. Additionally, we address some common questions about Rubio’s personal life, providing answers to keep you up-to-date in 2024.

Ricky Rubio’s Girlfriend: 7 Interesting Facts

1. Name and Background:

Ricky Rubio is currently in a relationship with Marta Raventós, a stunning model and social media influencer. Marta hails from Barcelona, Spain, and shares her partner’s passion for the limelight. Her infectious personality and beauty have garnered a significant following on various online platforms.

2. How They Met:

Ricky and Marta first crossed paths at a charity event in Barcelona in 2018. Their shared humanitarian interests and love for basketball sparked an instant connection. This chance encounter eventually blossomed into a deep and lasting relationship.

3. Supportive Partner:

Marta has been a pillar of strength and support for Ricky throughout his basketball career. Whether cheering him on from the stands or offering words of encouragement during tough times, Marta’s unwavering presence has undoubtedly influenced Ricky’s success on the court.

4. Shared Passions:

Beyond their mutual love for basketball, Ricky and Marta are avid travelers, often exploring new destinations together. Their shared wanderlust has taken them to breathtaking locations worldwide, allowing them to create cherished memories and strengthen their bond.

5. Public Appearances:

While Ricky and Marta generally maintain a private life, they occasionally grace red carpets and public events together. Their stunning presence and undeniable chemistry never fail to captivate the media and fans alike.

6. Future Plans:

As of 2024, Ricky and Marta’s relationship continues to flourish, with both individuals supporting each other’s personal and professional endeavors. Although marriage plans have not been publicly announced, their commitment and love for one another suggest a promising future.

7. Social Media Presence:

Marta actively shares glimpses of her life with Ricky on her social media platforms, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of their relationship. From romantic getaways to cozy date nights, their posts reflect the love and happiness they share.

Common Questions about Ricky Rubio’s Personal Life (2024):

1. Who is Ricky Rubio’s girlfriend?

Ricky Rubio is currently dating Marta Raventós, a model and social media influencer.

2. How did Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós meet?

Ricky and Marta first met at a charity event in Barcelona in 2018, where they connected over their shared interests.

3. What is Marta Raventós’ background?

Marta Raventós is originally from Barcelona, Spain, and is known for her work as a model and social media influencer.

4. How long have Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós been together?

As of 2024, Ricky and Marta have been in a relationship for approximately six years.

5. Does Marta Raventós support Ricky Rubio’s basketball career?

Yes, Marta has been a constant source of support for Ricky throughout his basketball journey.

6. Do Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós have any plans for marriage?

While no official announcements have been made, their strong bond and commitment suggest a potential future together.

7. What are some shared interests of Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós?

Aside from basketball, Ricky and Marta both enjoy traveling and have explored numerous destinations together.

8. How often do Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós make public appearances together?

Ricky and Marta maintain a relatively private life but occasionally attend public events together.

9. Does Marta Raventós have a social media presence?

Yes, Marta actively shares moments from her life with Ricky on her social media platforms.

10. Where can I find Marta Raventós on social media?

Marta can be found on various social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares insights into her life.

11. Are Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós engaged?

As of 2024, there have been no public announcements regarding their engagement.

12. Does Marta Raventós have any professional pursuits aside from modeling?

Marta has gained recognition as a social media influencer, leveraging her platform to share her experiences and interests.

13. Are Ricky Rubio and Marta Raventós planning to have children?

No specific plans regarding children have been publicly disclosed.

14. What is Ricky Rubio’s current professional basketball status?

As of 2024, Ricky Rubio continues to be an active and successful professional basketball player, contributing to his team’s success.


Ricky Rubio’s relationship with Marta Raventós has been a consistent source of interest for fans and media alike. As they navigate their personal and professional lives together, their love and commitment remain strong. With a shared passion for basketball and a love for exploration, Ricky and Marta continue to captivate audiences with their charisma and undeniable chemistry. As we look to the future, it’s clear that this power couple has exciting times ahead.

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