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Title: Shannon Spake’s Husband: Unveiling 7 Interesting Facts About Him


Shannon Spake, a renowned American television personality and sports journalist, has captured the hearts of millions through her captivating on-screen presence and insightful reporting. While she is widely celebrated for her professional achievements, little is known about her personal life, particularly her husband. In this article, we delve into Shannon Spake’s married life, shedding light on her husband’s identity and sharing seven intriguing facts about him.

1. Husband’s Identity:

Shannon Spake is happily married to Jerry McSorley, a successful entrepreneur, and businessman. Despite leading a relatively private life, McSorley has been a supportive and integral part of Spake’s journey.

2. Background and Profession:

Jerry McSorley, born in 1976, is an accomplished businessman with a diverse range of professional experiences. He has thrived in various industries, including technology, finance, and real estate, showcasing his versatility and business acumen.

3. Entrepreneurial Ventures:

McSorley is particularly known for his entrepreneurial ventures. Over the years, he has successfully established and managed numerous businesses, contributing to his reputation as a shrewd and enterprising individual.

4. Shared Passion for Sports:

Similar to Spake, Jerry McSorley shares a deep-rooted passion for sports. This shared interest has undoubtedly played a significant role in their relationship, fostering mutual understanding, and allowing them to connect on a profound level.

5. Supportive Partner:

Behind Shannon Spake’s success, her husband has been a pillar of support. McSorley has consistently demonstrated unwavering support for his wife’s career, encouraging her to pursue her passion and providing the necessary encouragement during challenging times.

6. Family Life:

Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley are proud parents to twin boys, born in 2010, whose names are kept private to maintain their privacy. This dynamic family of four often enjoys quality time together, nurturing a loving and fulfilling home environment.

7. Personal Interests:

While McSorley’s professional life is largely under wraps, he is known to have diverse personal interests. He is an avid traveler, exploring new destinations with his family whenever possible. Additionally, he has a keen interest in philanthropy, actively supporting charitable causes that resonate with him.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How old is Shannon Spake’s husband?

Jerry McSorley was born in 1976 and will be 48 years old in 2024.

2. How tall is Jerry McSorley?

Though there is no official information available about his height, reports suggest that McSorley stands at an estimated height of around 6 feet.

3. What does Jerry McSorley weigh?

As there is no public information regarding his weight, it would be inappropriate to speculate without accurate data.

4. What is Jerry McSorley’s profession?

Jerry McSorley is an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman.

5. How long have Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley been married?

Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley have been happily married since 2008, making it 16 years of marital bliss in 2024.

6. Does Jerry McSorley have any children?

Yes, Jerry McSorley and Shannon Spake are proud parents to twin boys, whose names are kept private.

7. Is Jerry McSorley involved in Shannon Spake’s career?

Jerry McSorley has been a constant support to Shannon Spake, encouraging her professional pursuits and offering unwavering support throughout her career.

8. Is Jerry McSorley active on social media?

Jerry McSorley maintains a private life and does not actively engage on social media platforms.

9. What are Jerry McSorley’s hobbies?

Jerry McSorley enjoys traveling with his family and actively participates in philanthropic endeavors.

10. Can we find any public interviews or articles featuring Jerry McSorley?

Due to his preference for privacy, Jerry McSorley rarely appears in public interviews or articles.

11. Has Jerry McSorley ever appeared alongside Shannon Spake on television?

Jerry McSorley prefers to maintain a low profile and has not made any public appearances alongside Shannon Spake on television.

12. What are Shannon Spake’s husband’s business ventures?

Jerry McSorley has successfully established and managed various businesses across different industries, primarily focusing on technology, finance, and real estate.

13. Are there any awards or recognitions associated with Jerry McSorley?

Information regarding any awards or recognitions received by Jerry McSorley is not publicly available.

14. Does Jerry McSorley actively participate in sports?

While Jerry McSorley shares a profound interest in sports with Shannon Spake, there is no public information indicating his active participation in any specific sports activities.


Jerry McSorley, the supportive and successful husband of Shannon Spake, has been an integral part of her personal and professional life. While he prefers to maintain a low profile, his entrepreneurial ventures, shared passion for sports, and unwavering support for Shannon Spake have earned him admiration. As the couple continues to thrive in their personal and professional endeavors, their love, dedication, and commitment serve as an inspiration to many.

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