Meet the Team: Liam Caldwell and Amy Shimmin

Liam, 3rd year French and English Literature, Features Co-editor

Amy, 3rd year French and Spanish, Features Co-editor

Who are you?

L: I am a third year studying English literature and French, who enjoys boring people about books and my experiences on my time abroad last year. I enjoy writing and constantly agonise over whether my future should be in journalism or something else that has career prospects and pays well. I also enjoy creative writing and discussing how wonderful Jeremy Corbyn is.

A: I’m Amy, in fourth year studying French and Spanish – our degree is five years long because of fun year abroad times, so I still have this and next year left of being a student parasite. I’m from Liverpool: do let me know if you can’t understand my accent. You wouldn’t be the first! I like quoting Wayne Rooney tweets, owning too much Lush shower gel, and Food Factory macaroni cheese.

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qmunicate Meets: Scottish Refugee Council

qmunicate spoke to Kirsty White from the Scottish Refugee Council, the chosen Freshers’ Week charity, about what the charity does, the ‘refugee crisis’, and how our support will benefit the group.

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Five Arrested at Glasgow Pride

Five arrests were made at this year’s Pride Glasgow march on Saturday 19th August. Those arrested, including a minor, had been in separate parts of the march: two had belonged to the left-wing IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) bloc, whereas the other three were protesting the decision for the Gay Police Association Scotland (GPA) to lead the march itself.

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The New A Levels

For teenagers across the United Kingdom, August is a month synonymous with the dreaded ‘results day’. This year, however, 200,000 students will wait more in limbo than ever, after sitting new A Level specifications. With students and teachers being left without study resources, and only vague specifications to follow, the exam regulator, Ofqual, finally decided to step in and lower the grade boundaries.

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T in the Park Vs. TRNSMT

I experienced my first music festival at the age of eighteen in a certain Kinross field. It was a weekend lived through beer goggles, and one I look back on through rose-tinted ones. The ticket was the first ‘real’ thing I’d paid for with my own money; my mum had loaned me the initial cost, and I paid her back on a monthly basis out of my meagre part-time wages. I had never held any interest in going on a post-high school beach holiday, but a festival? Count me in.

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Fashionable Feminism

Call me a cynic, but the rise in catwalk feminism is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Two years ago, at Paris Fashion Week, some of the world’s biggest supermodels marched down Chanel’s catwalk with megaphones and placards demanding equality. The same Paris Fashion Week which is home to haute couture: an industry that has solidified the idea of thinness being intrinsic to beauty. Placards held by the models included phrases such as ‘boys should get pregnant too’ (in brief: they can), and ‘be different’.

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