Live Review – Carpenter Brut

St. Luke’s – 20/01

 The gathering of hipsters and metalheads in a church building to indulge in retrofuturism sounds like something out of this world, but then that’s what Carpenter Brut’s music itself is like – he’s one of the most compelling electronic/synthwave musicians to emerge in a while, and not least because he draws influence from horror.

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Live Review – Thula Borah

13th Note, 04/11

Few genres are as spell-binding as post-rock, and Mogwai aren’t the only Weegies on the scene -Thula Borah are a four-piece band that has been around since 2009, and what makes their sound interesting is that it draws influence from slowcore as well as from 90s bands like Nirvana. Their new EP Near Life Experience is set to be released later this year, so in the spirit of supporting a local act I decided to see them live for a second time.

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qmunicate’s 2016 AOTYs

A summary of the year in music, we asked some of our contributors what their favourite albums of 2016 were – ranging from the eclectic cynicism of BBF to the light-hearted but emotionally driven A Beautiful Game, here are their responses:

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