Exploring the Dark Side of Experimental Films

Going to the cinema is and has been a joy for millions of people for about a century now. Even if the film you end up seeing turns out to be putrid, there’s something special about sitting down in your seat, whether you’re by yourself, with friends, on a date etc., watching the lights dim down and waiting for the film to start. But every so often, when you skip the current blockbuster and chose to see that indie film that you’ve been hearing whispers about, you find yourself unsure of what to think afterwards and pondering what the film meant.

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Film Review: The Love Witch


In association with Glasgow Film Theatre

The Love Witch is an… interesting wee film to say the least. Directed by renowned feminist director Anna Biller, who previously brought us Viva (2007), the film is a metaphorical and highly stylised look at relationships and the love game. Samantha Robinson portrays Elaine, a modern day witch who brews and casts love potions and spells in order to make men fall in love with her. Dire consequences arise for her and those around her as they take effect.

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Film Review: A Silent Voice


In association with Glasgow Film Festival 2017

Based on the seven volume long manga of the same name, A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) takes the trope of the bully, a cliché often handled poorly due to generic treatment, and explores it in a variety of deep and insightful ways. Back in elementary school, Shoya Ishida used to bully his deaf classmate Shoko Nishimiya to the point where she had to transfer, leaving him to deal with overwhelming guilt. Years later Ishida meets Nishimiya again and thus the film becomes an entrancing, gut-wrenching redemption story.

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Blueprint Shorts Program

As cinema and means of entertainment continue to evolve and prosper over the years, new, passionate filmmakers start to emerge and journey in to the spotlight for themselves. This is where programs like Blueprint are essential. Through programs of this calibre, we get to be first hand witnesses to new, independent filmmakers with their lust for creativity set alight and their visions unsullied. Not only are they entertaining but they can create names for us moviegoers that we can look out for in the future.

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