Arts Review: Wind Resistance – Karine Polwart (Celtic Connections)

Dir. Wils Wilson, Tron Theatre, 25th – 28th January

Karine Polwart’s one-woman show is an intimate, tender thing to behold. A tapestry of folk concert, autobiography, fireside anecdote and feminist lecture, Polwart pulls together disparate mediums and narratives to create something akin to the original Highland Ceilidh – not only song and dance, but also community meeting and personal storytelling.

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Live Review: Wildings + Twelfth Day & Friends

St. Andrews in the Square, 22nd January

“As you are aware,” Fiona MacAskill, Wildings’ wonderful fiddle player, tells us at the start of their gig, “when you are a musician, you have to go travelling together often.” Tonight, while we stay in the gorgeous venue in St. Andrews in the Square, the music of Wildings and Twelfth Day takes us to Ireland, Orkney, Syria, Texas, Skye and the Borders. With my eyes closed, I’m transported to green, rolling hills, or spotting seagulls floating above a salty seaside town. Continue reading