“Dear qmunicate…

Originally published in the Heroes Issue, March 2016

I was recently diagnosed with clinical depression, and have started taking antidepressants. I’ve pretty much kept it to myself though, only telling one close friend from home, and so none of my mates at uni know what I’m going through. I know that if they were going through the same, I’d want to know so I could offer them support, but I don’t know how to open up about it, or decide whom I should tell. How can I become more comfortable with being open about my depression?” Depressed and Distressed
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Musical Heroes: Gerard Way

I was first exposed to My Chemical Romance whilst sitting in the back of a very hot, stuffy car in the middle of Morocco. My sister and I were sharing earphones and listening to her old iPod video in a desperate attempt to make a long car journey more endurable.

I experienced my first love that summer.

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Musical Heroes: Iggy Azalea

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Queen Iggy

Sometimes you gonna think that it’s too much on ya/But think, “What I’d be doing if this wasn’t going on?”/So I just keep pushing when I’m being pulled in every direction.” These lesser-known lyrics from an album track of Iggy’s are my favourite, though it was a very tough choice. Whenever university work gets on top of me and I start panicking that I’m not going to graduate, I remember these lyrics and the importance of persistence; having the tenacity to keep going, no matter what.

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