Arts Review: Penetrator

Dir. Julia Midtgard, The Old Hairdressers, 1st-2nd June

If in-yer-face theatre is ‘the kind of theatre which grabs the audience by the scruff of the neck and shakes it until it gets the message’, then Anthony Neilson’s Penetrator performed by Fear No Colours Theatre leaves the audience and their neck scruffs well and truly shook. However, as for the translation of a message, the play explores the hypermasculinity and aggressive sexuality masking subdued desire which penetrates the lives of the play’s three characters: Max, Alan, and Tadge. Yet despite this expedition into masculinity, the writing at times collapses into what feels like one elongated, homophobic rape joke.

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Arts Review: God of Carnage

Dir. Gareth Nicholls, Tron Theatre, 9th-25th March

Extreme projectile vomiting, the stench of ruined fresh tulips, and a ball pool surrounding a set of a furnished middle class living room are what remain mulling in my head after seeing Glasgow’s production of Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage.

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Arts Review: New Works 2017

STAG, Websters Theatre, 15th – 17th Feb

Websters Theatre is the perfect setting in which to immerse yourself in STAG’s New Works series. A converted church on the Great Western Road containing both a quaint, cosy bar and a surprisingly minimalist theatre, it personifies the playful, slightly surreal spirit of the opening night.

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Move To Provide Free Sanitary Products for Those in Need

According to the IMF, the UK has the fifth largest economy in the world as of 2016. So why in this affluent developed country must some women take such demeaning measures every month to deal with menstruation such as using newspaper, socks and toilet roll in lieu of sanitary products?

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Three Short Films to Tackle Inequality

The charity Pink Saltire recently released three short films to raise the general understanding of gender identity issues, as well as encouraging the fight against homophobic, transphobic and biphobic bullying. We briefly reviewed the shorts, and encourages its readers to take the time to watch and share them. 

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