A qmunicate Cavalcade of Comfort-viewing

Illustration by Isabelle Ribe 

We at qmunicate know all too well that exam-time is a season wrought in caffeine and tears. Thus, in a gesture to all those labouring in the cold grasp of deadlines, and those lucky few who’ve drifted carefree into summer, we’ve compiled our favourite comfort viewing in an effort to spark a little cinematic warmth within you.

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Freedom Of Speech Is Reserved For the Few

Jo Reid reports on clearing Kelvin MacKenzie of discrimination

Sun columnist, Kelvin MacKenzie recently questioned whether it was right for Channel 4 news reporter Fatima Manji to wear a hijab while presenting a report on the Nice massacre in July. Despite receiving complaints, the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO) has not seen his comments as harassment or discrimination. The remarks, which received more than 300 complaints, had questioned whether “it was appropriate for her to be on camera when there had been yet another shocking slaughter by a Muslim?”. MacKenzie later defended his “reasonable” criticism of Channel 4 by arguing that the hijab was a “religious statement” and therefore should be not be seen prominently on television.

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The Dark Side of The Internet’s Plug of the Pug’s Ugly Mug

If someone shares a cute dog video on social media, nine times out of ten it’s going to be a pug. Recently, these weird looking things have become the ‘It Dog’ in the genre of Cute Animal Videos. With their smushed faces, bug eyes and lolling tongue, pugs have taken the Internet’s heart with their ugly (or pugly) cuteness. Everywhere you can find t-shirts, phone cases, and bags displaying cute cartoon pugs with nauseatingly quirky captions like ‘Pugs not Drugs’ and ‘I Didn’t Choose the Pug Life, The Pug Life Chose Me’. They occupy the perfect space of ironic ugliness, where looking a bit strange means you’re cool and eccentric, a space also containing ugly jumpers and kitsch house decorations (both of which I have found displaying pugs).  Of course the reason for this endearing ugliness found so perfectly in pugs is anything but fun.

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