Why Should Scotland Care About Jeremy Corbyn?

As someone who has lived in London the majority of their life, it’s easy for me to tell you why Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are so great. I’ve had first hand experience of a Conservative constituency – it’s not pretty! The independence debate stood in stark contrast to Westminster politics, as progressive policies were seen as a vote winner. It’s not surprising that the Yes campaign gained the support of many left wing people in Scotland. It is difficult, for me to argue why Scotland in particular should care about Corbyn when I know that many people believe in the view that the Labour Party he is head of has ‘betrayed’ this country. Although this statement may hold some truth; we do need to take a look at the change in the Labour Party since this timeframe.

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Arts Review: Wilde In Space – The Importance of Being Earnest

Directors: Annie Saxberg and Kirsty McAdam, Art School, 21st – 23rd November

By taking a beloved classic by Oscar Wilde and setting it in space, director Annie Saxberg has produced a fun and crazy play that did not disappoint.

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Film Review: Mrs Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

In association with The Grosvenor


As a big fan of the novel I had really high expectations and was ready to walk in the cinema with a snobby “you should read the book” mindset. Surprisingly, although there were a couple of differences, mainly towards the end, I was not disappointed.

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