Film Review: Colossal

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You know that feeling when your personal issues manifest into a giant monster that terrorises an entire city? No? Well, Anne Hathaway’s character in Colossal sure does. A film which sees director Nacho Vigalondo create an enticing premise which allows this film to stand out from the tiresome remakes or repetitive clichés flooding the market.

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Adventures of Quirky Girl and Sadboy

500 Days of Bullshit

Mythical creatures are not real. It’s kind of in the name. Unicorns, fairies, Nessie, a Milo fan who isn’t a wanker – none of these things exist. Yet, despite this blatantly obvious fact, some people are still confused, convinced of their existence. One such mythical being that seem to mystifying poor little confuddled writers is the magical Manic Pixie Dream Girl (MPDG). What is she? She is perky, she is happy, she is the breath of fresh air to revitalise your dusty, crummy sad little existence, and the plus side is she is more than happy to be your emotional crutch. And who was this seemingly perfect being crafted for? The self-absorbed Sadboy who apparently can’t even tie his own shoe laces without a helping hand.

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A Greener Google

Google May Power More Sustainable Energy Advancements

Google will reach their “landmark moment” in 2017 by purchasing 100% of power for their data centres and offices through renewable energy sources. Increasing from their 44% purchases last year, they now represent the leading corporation for renewable energy usage. Google’s power dependency is growing as they too expand, meaning this step in renewable energy consumption is an important advancement.

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Halloween Film ReviOOOooOOooooOOos

👻 qmunicate writers share their favourite spoopy Halloween films 💀

The Orphanage (2007)

Jumping out your skin at a horror film is a fun shared experience, but the fear passes and turns to laughter in the blink of an eye. The Orphanage avoids jump scares, focusing instead on psychological torment and disturbing images of long-forgotten children looking for comfort in the arms of a compassionate maternal figure. A harsh seaside setting is mirrored by the titular orphanage, both comforting and familiar, while also possessing that scary intrigue we all had as kids of big buildings with nooks and crannies to explore, all of which you are convinced have their own personal monster waiting for you. There are no cheap scares here – this is a horror film with an emotional punch, a cry for love even after death, and a protagonist who does what every parent would do, even if that means making mistakes along the way. The Orphanage is one of the great modern horror films.

[Scott Wilson – @HeartofFire]

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Lifestyle: Hugs Are For Mugs

Please don’t hug me. Don’t ask me why – if I don’t feel comfortable enough to hug you, then I’m hardly going to sit you down for an in-depth psychoanalysis as to why – just please keep any physical displays of affection on your side of the invisible barrier between us. I don’t want you to mistake emotional aloofness as intentional bitchiness either – I do like you (probably), it’s just that there are a VERY limited number of people in this world I actually feel comfortable hugging, and, sorry, but you’re most likely not one of them.

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