Lssns 2 Lrn

You will probably remember that queer punk duo PWR BTTM made headlines earlier this year amid several claims of abuse allegedly carried out by their front person, Ben Hopkins.

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T in the Park Vs. TRNSMT

I experienced my first music festival at the age of eighteen in a certain Kinross field. It was a weekend lived through beer goggles, and one I look back on through rose-tinted ones. The ticket was the first ‘real’ thing I’d paid for with my own money; my mum had loaned me the initial cost, and I paid her back on a monthly basis out of my meagre part-time wages. I had never held any interest in going on a post-high school beach holiday, but a festival? Count me in.

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Musical Heroes: Janelle Monae

Afro styled into a 50’s quiff, always dressed in monochrome 60s graphic print dresses or sharp, androgynous suits, Janelle Monae knows exactly what ‘iconic’ means. Her music blends rap, funk, soul and Afrofuturism, her style is dramatic, fun high fashion and her politics are always geared towards the empowerment of black women.

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