Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan (with support Ho99o9)

Qudos, QMU, 19th January

Ho99o9 (Horror) consists of an energetic New Jersey rap group – lead by the vocal duo Eaddy and theOGM – whose harsh, often anti-political rap lyrics combine well together as they take turns to try and get the crowd angry on top of its blasting drum beats which despite its hardcore punk style ventures daringly close to thrash.  

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QMU Annual General Election Hustings Liveblog

Welcome to qmunicate’s liveblog! Tonight candidates for all the positions except President will be speaking, so candidates for the positions of Current Student Representatives, Campaign and Charities Convenor, Events Convenor, Publications Convenor, Social Convenor, Vice President (Membership, Clubs & Societies), Vice President (Board of Management) and Former Student Member will be here, and making their case for your vote! qmunicate are buzzing, and you should be too.

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Arts Review: Aloud – Halloween Edition

Jim’s Bar (QMU), 24th October  

The Aloud: Halloween Edition poetry session is a small, intimate event with an informal vibe that leaves the performer free to try new things and make some mistakes in a comfortable environment. The set up in the Queen Margaret Union is cosy with soft lighting, making it a great place to grab a drink, sit back listening to some great pieces of art and meet new, like-minded people. The opening rendition of The Raven by famous gothic poet Edgar Allen Poe is a perfect way to set the tone for the themed night, whilst having the audience participate by repeating the word ‘nevermore’ engages them with the event to follow.

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Campus Controversy Over “International Men’s Day” Event

An independently organised event due to take place on the 19th of November at the Queen Margaret Union for International Men’s day has attracted controversy, due to comments posted on the personal Facebook accounts of student organisers. The event is advertised as “comprising open discussions of issues facing men, such as suicide, violence and health”.

Although it does not appear to be specifically anti-feminist, views expressed by event organisers on their personal social media accounts have resulted in some students questioning their motivations. Chris Colebrook, one of the students running the event, has expressed the view that “Rape culture does not exist in the west”, and refers to the gender pay gap as a myth. These comments have brought the intentions of the event into question, with many students expressing concern that the aim of the event is to attack women’s rights movements rather than to raise awareness of men’s issues.

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Campaign Against University Fee Rise Launched

Students are unhappy in the wake of the announcement of tuition fee rises at the University of Glasgow.  Students from the rest of the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) are set to have to pay £9,250 per year of their degree – driving them into even further debt. The SRC and the QMU have released statements expressing their concerns over the fee rise, and last night representatives from both student bodies spoke at an open meeting hosted by the Glasgow University Labour Club (GULC) to discuss further action. It was decided that a cross-campus campaign will be launched to protest the fee rise.

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Glasgow University to Raise Tuition Fees for rUK Students: SRC and QMU Respond

The University of Glasgow has announced that tuition fees for English, Northern Irish and Welsh students will rise to £9,250 per annum beginning in Autumn 2017. The SRC and the QMU have responded expressing concern and dismay over the decision, which was taken without adequate student consultation.

Reprinted below is an official response from the SRC Executive in the form of a public letter to the university Principal, Anton Muscatelli (originally published 18/10/16).

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