Arts Review: Smut Slam

Dir. by Cameryn Moore, Rum Shack, 15th May 2015

Down in the basement of Rum Shack a crowd gathered to tell, hear and share their sexiest stories. The creator Cameryn Moore, a previous phone sex operator, compared the evening. The rules of Smut Slam were simple and designed to foster a friendly, sex positive environment. The evening was marked by an exclusion of phobias (such as homophobia or transphobia), an openness to every experience no matter how kinky or vanilla and an emphasis on all stories being consensual. The most crucial rule which makes this review hard to write is that no stories are to be retold outside of the room.

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Arts Review: Drunk Enough To Say I Love You?

Dir. Nora Wardell, The Citizens, 28th March – 1st April

Drunk Enough To Say I love You? is a very masculine play, and this is obvious from the moment I walk into the small Circle Studio upstairs at the Citizens Theatre. The audience is greeted by a sparse set that includes a punch bag, guitar case, stereo and mini bar. The lack of stage means I first mistake the two actors for audience members as they pace about the small space. Chairs are placed against the walls around the room, creating a space almost like a boxing ring, which is enhanced by the flashing lights and techno music.

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Arts Review: Scottish Poetry Slam Championships

Tron Theatre, 13th February

The Scottish Championship is the biggest event on the slam poetry scene in Scotland. Every year, regional winners compete for the chance to represent Scotland in the world championships. Robin Cairn, a poet and performer himself, talks us through the evening. For the uninitiated among us: each poet has only 3 minutes to perform their piece or the horn will cut them off. While all the performances were of incredibly high calibre, and here’s a couple of my particular favourites.

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