T in the Park Vs. TRNSMT

I experienced my first music festival at the age of eighteen in a certain Kinross field. It was a weekend lived through beer goggles, and one I look back on through rose-tinted ones. The ticket was the first ‘real’ thing I’d paid for with my own money; my mum had loaned me the initial cost, and I paid her back on a monthly basis out of my meagre part-time wages. I had never held any interest in going on a post-high school beach holiday, but a festival? Count me in.

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T Break In The Park

Scotland’s biggest music festival, T in the park, has been running since 1994. However this year there will be no pilgrimage of music fans to a muddy field in the Scottish countryside. Instead a non-camping event will run on Glasgow green, as T in the park is takes its first break in over 20 years. Uncertainty around T in the Park’s future is a sad reflection on the state of youth culture, but not for the reasons the moralisers and would have us believe.

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