Summer In Iran

The forty-degree heat was never enough to stop my family and I travelling to Iran every summer since I was born. I remember asking my mother why we didn’t travel to Iran in the winter instead to avoid the roasting weather, and she would always say that to visit Iran, a two week break is not enough. And it’s true: the six week summer never suffices, but knowing I would return a year later was enough to keep me excited to return to this country that somehow manages to change each time I visit, but simultaneously stays the same beautiful place.

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Film Review – Miss Sloane

qmunistars- 4

Miss Sloane begins with a prim Jessica Chastain being fussed over by makeup artists and legal counsel, as she repeats her personal mantra: “Lobbying is about anticipating your opponent’s moves and devising counter measures”. Jonathan Perera’s first time script sticks ardently to this, often to a fault. It is a Sorkin-esque romp through the moral vagaries of the lobbying system, littered with cliche, high drama, absurdist moments, and in the end a genuine sense of heart and pathos. 

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Apocalypse Now: The End of the World in Modern Cinema

We human beings sure love our own destruction don’t we? From alien invasions to governmental coups to superheroes saving the world while simultaneously murdering hundreds of thousands (looking at you Man of Steel) numerous films, particularly in recent cinema, seem showcase absurd amounts of destruction with the overhanging sense that the end of the world is upon our characters.

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GU Palestine Society: Israeli Ambassador Visit

Glasgow University Palestine Society have issued this following signed statement in light of the Israeli Ambassador’s recent visit to the university.

The views expressed are of the GUPS and are not associated with qmunicate or the QMU.

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qmunicate reads: Nasty Women

Like queers, suffragettes and impressionist painters have shown us, using an insult as a way to identify yourself and the group you belong to can diminish the power of the pejorative. This is exactly what happened to the term ‘Nasty Women’, proudly reclaimed by women all over the US and the rest of the world after Trump used it to refer to Hillary Clinton. This collection of essays celebrates women standing up to Trump, the far-right, sexism, and racism, but mainly just standing up for themselves.

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Campus Cards – A New Era of Surveillance at Glasgow Uni?

We’ve surely all heard by now about the huge campus revamp set to get started towards the end of the year. For those who have been living under a rock (or in the library), Glasgow University are investing a staggering £1billion into a total makeover of our university landscape over the course of the next ten years.

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